How to Deal with Abusive Relationship?


How to Deal with Abusive Relationship?

Do you want to know, how to deal with Abusive Relationship? Many women are victims of domestic violence but unfortunately their distress is often overlooked. Neither they come forward to take an action against her family nor does anyone come to their rescue. Until or unless they raise their voice against any torment, there will be no change in our society.

What are the Obvious Signs of Abusive Relationship?

Violent behaviour leaves some scar on victim’s body. Swollen eye, jaw, marks on shoulder and neck, dark spot on face reveal the secret. Some timid women put on sunglasses to hide the spot on eyes. If this happens to you or someone you come across with certain similarities do come to help the victim. There’s nothing to get afraid of lodging a complaint.

Domestic abuse is synonymous with spouse abuse. Mostly women face it badly in this male dominated world. Another reason for suffering any such trauma is their lack of protest. It happens when in relationship someone becomes more possessive, dominating and tries to get control over it. Unfortunately most of the domestic abuse turns into domestic violence.

Abuser also gives threat that eventually makes the relationship intolerable. The followings are the indicatives of abusive relation.

Jealousy and Possessiveness:

The abuser often harasses the victim out of the jealousy. Such perverted men don’t allow their wives to mingle with others. Abuser questions and blames the victim of flirting, long conversation on phone and blatantly check the phone, wardrobe and purse without her consent.


It is a common problem faced by majority of the section. To get control over partner, the abuser does not even hesitate. Any progress in controlling behaviour automatically worsens the situation.

Unrealistic Demands:

Healthy relation demands mutual consent. When in intimate relationship, any of the two forces the other to meet the expectations often turns into emotional or domestic abuse. It pathetically includes forceful sex when the partner is tired or ill.

Verbal Abuse:

Male members always have a tendency to look at women as inferiors. Such insane crowd do not even think twice to misbehave with others. They intentionally hurt their partners by using sharp words.

Break Objects:

Many abusers can’t control over their anger. They create a terror in the house by destroying random objects. It creates a terror in children’s mind and some get traumatised to experience any such violence.

Physical Abuse:

The worst of the lot is physical attack. As per research, children are mostly subjected to this. Biting, slapping, scratching, pushing are to name a few instances of physical abuse. Many women and elderly people are also affected in regular life. Each kind of abuses is an offence and no one deserves to tolerate it.

What is to Do in this Abusive Relationship?

Of course things are getting better and women are progressing in their field but that doesn’t ensure their status in the society. The main problem lies in us, as we all hesitate to make any such problem public. Nobody needs to continue any relation that consists of violence, misbehaviour and stress.

Report it to the police and seek help from them. Many NGOs often come to rescue such victims who are found in a helpless state. Similarly, as a responsible citizen you can also give your hands to their aid.


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