How to Exercise during the Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy


How to Exercise during the Fourth Trimester of Pregnancy:

Being pregnant, do you know, what exercise to do during the fourth month of pregnancy? Congratulations, so you have reached into fourth trimester, which is last period of your pregnancy and you must be happy now, as after this trimester, you will be holding your baby in your hand, and welcoming your baby, by decorating baby’s room, buying babies stuff and busy finding him or her name through website or through your elders.

However, this is the month in which you will also need to take care of your health, for which regular exercise is necessary which will keep your fit and healthy every time and also provide you relief during you labor pain.

Exercises and Fitness:

Before any exercise, it is necessary to do warm up exercise, so all stiffness in your muscles will settled down and you will able to do your exercise properly. Warm up exercise like sitting on floor, which folding your legs, keeping them in a way that it touches each other through feet and then keeping your hand touching your feet and then revolving the same in order to warm up your leg and hand. After that revolve your arm too and also a bit legs. Once done, you can start doing workout, which includes as below:

  • The Best Exercise of all, could be Walking: Walking is the best exercise, which will help in good blood circulation, giving exercise to legs and hand, as well as help for normal delivery and also during your labor pain.
  • Swimming: Swimming could also be a GoodExercise, as it helps to ease discomfort of babies aches, it also strengthen your stomach muscles. And also help in feeling weightless while you swim, providing  relief to you from your increasing weight as your baby grows. However, you should make sure that your baby is in correct position.
  • Strength Workout: where you can lift some weight, but need to be much more cautious in the same, because a slight pain or bleeding could have adverse effect after that. However, with such workout, it also provide some strength at the time of labor pain or after your baby come out, as once baby come out, there could much more joint pain or muscles pain, so in order to get relief you can do some weight lifting.
  • Yoga: Yoga, could be one of the BestExercise. There are different types of yoga which could provide you with internal strength, increase your immunity level, and make you feel full of energy and healthy life.

Labor Pain Relief Exercises:

So you are near to your bump day, when your baby will come out, which will be for you the best the day, but apart from getting the baby, it is also necessary for your to get relief from your labor pain and other muscles pain because you will carrying a baby, which is growing and developing fast. So it is good if you can do exercise:

  • Seating Exercise: The seating exercise will provide you with a chance to strengthen your core and tighten your abs, providing you with relief in pain.
  • Standing Exercise: Help baby to move, when you stand it will help different parts of body to function and avoid stiffness in any part of your body
  • Stretching Muscles: Stretching muscles could be BestExercise, but utmost care is to be taken care when doing such stretching muscles because some time it may happen that if the exercise are not done with care, then it may result in affecting any part of your body.

Fourth trimester is very important, we need to help our baby to come out safely, for which we also need to be fit, in case we are not, then it may lead to operating our abdomen and taking out the baby which could be much painful as it requires cutting of your lower abdomen part and then taking out your baby and then stitching the same.

So in case if you think that you want a normal delivery without much labor pain too then try to be fit, and in order to get fit, it is necessary to do some exercise which gives relief to your back, legs, hand, pelvic part and make it ready for the bump day. RegularExercise is good, but if you feel much tired or feel fatigue then you should rest a while and then do exercise, as continue exercise may also harm you and your baby.


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