How to Exercise during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy


How to Exercise during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

Do you know, how to exercise during the sixth month of pregnancy? It is medically proven, and agreed by many doctors, that when you are pregnant, you should keep moving, enjoy the motherhood, the golden period of your pregnancy, there could be much more pain in various part of body, many more swing in mood, but you should not get frustrated, try to get relief from those, with the help of simple exercise.

If you are fit, then you baby will be also fit, you will also feel relaxed and relief, regular exercise is much more necessary for you and your baby. If you do not want to be victim of getting strains to muscles, legs, foot and back pain in later stage then start exercising now.

There are different types of exercise, which are available, out of which there are 5 simple exercises which you can opt for, which will give you best results.Those 5 Simple Exercises are as follow:

1) Standing Parallel:

Try to stand parallel, taking support of the chair or any other object, which does not slips, try to give less weight on those objects, make your feet parallel, do not do up and down, just bent a bit and a little distance in hips too, with your toes and knees turned out 45 degree, pull your belly button up and in. Bend your knees slightly, this exercise will improve your balance, strengthen your hamstrings and butt too. Feel comfort in leg and feet area.

2) Lie on your Right Side:

Lie on your right side, with head supported through your arm, and your belly or tummy should be supported with soft pillow, utmost care should be taken in this exercise, keep balance, do not lean any side, otherwise it may affect your baby, gently bend one leg and then try to take your other leg in air as shown in picture. This will provide you relief in muscles strains

3) Getting Down on your Hand:

Getting down on your hand and knees, where wrist should be directly under your shoulder, slowly lift your knees and straighten your legs until your body form straight line. Hold for 1 or 2 breaths not longer, this will give relief to your back and legs

4) Curl and Lift:

Sit on straight chair, with your back straight, feet on the floor, arms at your side, hold about 5 to 8 pound of weight not much but try to lift it for a while. This will give relief to your shoulders and biceps.

5) Apart from above, there are also other simple Exercises which are Necessary when you Pregnant like:

  • Walking: Walking is the best exercise during pregnancy period, as it provides you strength in legs, foot, back pain, it helps in digestion process, and your baby will also get fresh air along with you when you inhale the fresh air through your respiratory system. You will get time to spend with your loved one. Enjoy the beauty and it will also help in later stages, when you have labour pain.
  • Meditation: Meditation also plays an important role in pregnancy, where you will need to concentrate of certain object, due to which your baby growth and development will good. You will free from any worries in your mind, you will feel energetic and there will be a wave of positive thinking in you. This really helps during pregnancy stages.
  • Yoga: Different types of yoga are more important, during this stage, like butterfly yoga, stretching your hand and legs, pranayam, breathing yoga, it plays important role, breathing yoga helps you during your labor pain day, as this will help to push your baby towards uterus for normal delivery.

Hence, there are various exercise, which are available, but you should select the one which make you feel comfortable and do not strain much in any exercise, do not start exercising like others do, because every woman has different physical strength, and need different types of exercise but certain simple exercise like walking, meditation and yoga can be done by any women, as they do not have any side effects.

Also before during this simple exercise during 5 month of pregnancy it is also necessary to do warm up exercise, do not jump directly into any exercise without warming up your muscles otherwise you will feel pain and strain in your muscles. Advice should be taken during this stage before doing any exercise.


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