How to Exercise during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy


How to Exercise during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

Do you know, how to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy? Congratulation, you are near to your due date, finally the pain of pregnancy will get over and you must be eagerly waiting for your baby to come in this new world, to hold baby in your hand, see babies eyes, nose, tiny hand or legs. However, during the last trimester of pregnancy are filled with energy, but your body will also continue to grow and you will start feeling tired, back pain, etc.

But there are plenty of things which you can do, in order to keep your anxiety or pain off the road like thinking about different ways for welcoming your baby like decorating rooms, purchasing cloths for them etc. But most importantly, it is the right time to think about various types of exercise which help you to eliminate the pain and also help in normal delivery of your baby.

Daily Workouts:

Working out during the third trimester of pregnancy could be difficult as your belly is larger and your abdomen has grown much. However, you can perform some type of exercise which gives you relief from pain, and feel good.

Before doing any work out or exercise, it is essential that you do the warm exercise, which is necessary to warm up your body and then start exercise. Otherwise, it may lead to adverse effect to your muscles and result into pain at various joints in your body.

Warm Up Exercise before Workout:

You will need to give body at least 10 – 15 minutes to get warm up, where you can do butter fly exercise keeping your two feet together and hold them with your hands and gently move your knees portion up and down. Similarly, hand exercise is also important, where you can revolve your hand and ankle area, which warm up your hand part. Moreover, revolve your head part slowly, do up and down exercise to give relief to your head and spinal cord.

Weight Workout:

Little weight workout is also good if you are able to do so during the third trimester, as it will make you stay energized and also maintain your muscles with this routine. This kind of weight workout can help you out with smooth labour and normal delivery. Hence, even though you feel tired or lethargic, try to do work out, then do some rest. But do not do workout which affect you adversely it should be done in limited time for limited period.

Daily Walking:

Apart from the above workout, walking could be one of best exercise, which you can do in this stage, as walking as many benefits and it will also not involved any type of danger during the pregnancy. It will increase the blood circulation, during last stage of pregnancy, you must be already going through the pain of constipation – so in those case walking could help you out in digestion and getting relief from constipation.

Your legs, back pain or any muscles pain will get utmost relief due to walking. However, utmost care is to be taken while walking, do not try to walk fast, because you are carrying a baby, so you should think of that and walk slowly, steadily. If you feel tired or breathing problem, give rest to your body for a moment, then walk again.

Due to walking you will also eliminate the chances of the blood pressure or any other disease which may occur after pregnancy. So if you want to be fit then keep walking as it also help in smooth labour and delivery.

Daily Yoga:

Yoga can also help you out in rejuvenating your body, making it much more stronger and full of energy. Yoga does not have any disadvantages, the only precaution need to be taken care is, you should use it in proper way. There are different types of yoga like Half Butterfly, Full butterfly, Sleeping abdominal stretch pose, Ankle crank, Shoulder rotation etc.

And every yoga are having there own benefit like loosening of hip and knee joint, which will help in faster delivery, tension from inner thigh muscles could be relived, sleeping abdominal helps in removing constipation, improves digestion as well as feel relief in stiffness or strain and should circulation improves blood circulation, relief from pain etc. So keep exercising yourself if you want to have normal and without labour pain delivery.

By understanding, following and by doing the above exercises, it makes the Pregnant Women to have a healthy and strong body to with stand the pain and pressure. These exercises will also help the Mother and the Child for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Life.


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