How to Handle your Baby and Manage your Work from Home?


How to Handle your Baby and Manage your Work from Home?

It is very difficult for Moms are handle their Children and Manage their Work from Home. “I was counting my breath when I heard the voice of my son who was sleeping at that time. He just awake and I leave my space of mediation where I set after my work. I have taken my son in my laps and he started feeding”.

This is the schedule of working women one way or other but you may working one time in second moment you will doing house hold work. Working from home or doing part time job is never an easy task. You would be doing many works at same time.

There are many problems which women finds at the time they work from home. Working environment is never easy at home. You would stick between many things like children, relatives, family members or household stuffs. The biggest problem is children for any women working from home.

There are some tips which can give you help when you working from home and handling baby also:

Establish Proper Schedule:

It is never easy to grow child and same time to work also. You should make a good schedule for the day when you can arrange work timings. You should consider school timing, food time and sleeping time of your child while preparing schedule for the work.

When do you Feel more Productive:

It is also very important to make schedule with priority of timing when you can give most of your energy. For some women early morning is good time for productive work while many women prefer night working hours.

Use Timer:

When you start working give your 100 percent to your work, turn off mobile phones, Facebook or any other social media. You should sign off from mails also which also disturb you. You should use timer for some working task to be completed in time duration. This will increase your working speed and your focus on work will remain good!

Place and Space of Work:

Where you sit for work is very important for fruitful result. When you work from living room there is chance you would get more destructions. Try to find out such corners where you can work without any problems.

Try to Work from Apps:

We all use smart phone these days and all of us able to use applications properly. There are many such applications which will give you better idea how to schedule work, how to set priority and what are deadlines. Use such apps and work like a pro.

Identify Destructive Things for your Work:

When you work there are many daily things which you would get as disturbance. Try to avoid such problems. It can be many things like television, mobile phones, or house hold stuff.

Reward Yourself:

You are not doing an easy task or job. It is never easy to work from home when you have child. Give a reward for you. Try to get some good time for you. Select goal for work and you can enjoy some music, take nap or meditate for some time after completion.

By following the above Tips, you can help yourself for doing work from home and manage and handle your baby also.


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