How to Induce your Partner to have Sex Before Marriage?


How to Induce your Partner to have Sex Before Marriage?

Do you want to know, how to Induce your Partner to have Sex before Marriage? Romance and sex are very easy before committing to a long-term relationship. When one is single and just ready to mingle, sex, love talks and flings are common. However, when it comes to asking the awkward question, it is when the problem starts.

It is difficult to understand how to even ask about getting physical with your partner. You have the love of your life standing in front of you and still asking the awkward question seems so difficult. Even mere touching or hugging does not help to initiate the process of romance. How then to make your partner comfortable with you?

If you still have Confusion about the same, you Read the following Points to Induce Sex:

Romance Comes first:

No partner would come running and walking into your arms on a few words of love or romantic spells offered. He or she will need the confidence to believe in you and that confidence will enable the person to come close to you even more.

With romance comes the love and necessary affection which can generate the warmth between two individuals. Thus, for initiating sex learn to do the right talking.

Is your Partner Angry?

Generally what happens in long time relationships is that we start taking our partners for granted. So, even if a little scolding or a nagging here and there can get ignored. On the other side, if your partner has taken offence to that then let God help you.

It is always considered wise to initiate a fruitful conversation with your partner before wanting to throw the question of sex. Make him or her comfortable about their inhibitions or open about some faults of yours own. If all goes well, then very soon the partner may want to the talking.(you know of what?)

Convincing that There is No Harm:

Pre-marital sex is quite a taboo in India. Couples still exercise caution while even thinking on the same. When you get down with your partner to convince him or her that there could be nothing wrong with the whole concept of pre-marital sex, they sure are going to get convinced.

You can know for sure that after letting your partner know that safe sex with exercised precaution could be a healthier way to practice love. It is better to be informed about the sex choices of each other than getting to know it after marriage, when things can get complicated. With such words, miracles may happen.

Watch Porn Together:

This could be one of the most brutal or sharp ways to make love but yes, it is considered effective. Watching others make love can induce your partner also to do so and thus you two may end up having the most gala time ever. Watching good porn also tends to minimize or remove the hiccups of a relationship and smoothers the awkwardness towards each other or each other’s body.

Thus, do not say not pre-marital sex. Instead convince your partner good enough to get it.


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