How to maintain Glossy Hair in your Busy Schedule?


How to maintain Glossy Hair in your Busy Schedule?

Who does not like a mass of smooth and glossy hair bouncing around their faces? Every time they step out the house it looks like they have come right out of the commercials of a shampoo?

Maintaining a mass of glossy hair is not at all an easy task as it takes lots of care and efforts in a daily basis, but it can be a bit difficult in between our office, college and other daily works.

Well then, are we to leave our dream of bouncing glossy hair around our face just because we lead a busy life?  Let’s find out some ways to maintain the shine of our hair even in our busy schedule.

Glossy Hair

Coconut Oil for Hair:

Coconut oil nourishes your hair; it makes your hair glossy from inside. The usage of organic and unrefined coconut hair regularly restores necessary moistures in the hair and makes it glossier and shiny.

For the best results, heat up the coconut oil and apply it gently to your total hair and cover your hair with a shower cap or towel. After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Following this therapy, a few times in a week is bound to make your hair glossy and smooth although it is very easy to continue on a regular basis and does not take much of your precious time.

Glossy Hair

Lessen the use of Blow-Dryer and Hair Straightener:

Trust me or not, using Blow-dryer and Hair Straightener can definitely provide your hair a glow, but a temporary one. For getting a permanent shiny hair, you must avoid usage of the heat to curl, strengthen or another experiment in a regular basis. Instead, use normal round brush or trim your hair regularly to maintain a static natural look.

Glossy Hair

Stay away from the Harmful Chemicals:

In a regular basis, we often have to come in contact with harmful chemicals that can damage our hair. The chlorine in the swimming pool, ammonia and alcohol in hair products and various styling gels, keeps snatching the essential moisture from the hair which can make our hair dull and lifeless. Avoid contact with these harmful chemicals as much as possible to maintain natural glossy hair.

Glossy Hair

Drink plenty of Water:

In our busy schedule, the one thing very essential, yet neglected very often, is drinking plenty of water. With all other effectiveness drinking, lots of water keeps hydrating the body and the hair remains properly moisturised from inside. Sipping continuously from your water bottle in a day will keep your hair shiny and beautiful from inside.

Glossy Hair

Have a Balanced Diet with plenty of Protein and Fruits:

The necessary protein for the hair is called Keratin. To build up necessary Keratin, make sure you regular diet includes plenty of foods filled with proteins, like Meats, fishes, eggs etc. Vitamin E is another essential component for the hair growth. The most common and famous food for the supply of Vitamin E are the fruits, nuts and vegetables. Keep plenty of fruits like Banana, apple, avocado in your regular diet to maintain a mass of natural glossy hair. Milk is another essential food to bring natural glow in your hair.

Glossy Hair

Overall, the idea is to keep your hair healthy from inside to maintain the natural shine of your hair.  Else the artificial treatments or the chemicals can bring the shine of your hair, but it will be the most difficult task to retain it.


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