How to Protect your Palms and Prevent from Rough Palms?


How to Protect your Palms and Prevent from Rough Palms?

Do you want to get rid of Rough Palms? We all want our palms to be soft and smooth. It is not always possible to get soft palms naturally. The manual labour is not always the reasons for landing with rough palms-there are some other reasons for a pair of rough palms.

Although the people who can be connected with the manual labours like housewife, labourers are most likely to land with the rough hands, that does not mean who are not used to manual labour they will not have the rough palms. The harsh weather can be a major reason for the rough palms/hands, so can be the usage of chemicals. The basic facts about dry and rough facts are:

How to Protect your Palms and Prevent from Rough Palms?

The Basic Prevention Guides for Rough Palms/Hands:

The dry and rough palms/hands are the common occurrences of everyday life. Your hands don’t get rough within one or two days. Over the time, you are most likely to have a pair of rough palms. With some basic precautions you can prevent your hands from getting dry and Rough:

  • While working with detergent, chemicals, mud or dirt, always try to wear the gloves.
  • Avoid the machines like hot dryers in Public restrooms. The artificial air from those machines makes the skin of your hands unnecessarily dry.
  • Moisturise your hands every time you wash it. In a day, you might need to wash your hands several times a day. In that case, try to use the creamy liquid soaps for the hands. It will stop to get your hands dry and rough to some extends. Some Causes and Precautions for Dark Elbows
  • The Vitamin B complex, Shea Butter, and Retinol is effective to keep your hands soft and supple. Try to use the hand moisturiser enriched with these elements.
  • During winter, it is very natural to get landed with dry and rough palms/hands. In that case, avoid using the elements like Petroleum Jelly and other gel-like substances which promise to keep your skin smooth. Instead, opt for Glycerine, olive or jojoba oil to keep your palms smooth. This way you can prevent from ‘rough palms’.

How to Protect your Palms and Prevent from Rough Palms?

  • During winter, try to avoid the usage of extra hot water to wash your hand and rest of the body. Your skin may suffer the effect of slight burn in these circumstances.
  • In the rough and windy weather, try to keep your hands covered as much as possible. It is a good idea to wear gloves in outdoors during winter or blizzards. In that way, your hands are most likely to stay protected from the harsh bites of the winter.
  • The Sun can be another major factor for the dry and “rough palms”. Try to apply the sunscreen in your hands along with your face. Especially, while you are out on the beach or planning to stay under the sun for a longer period of time.
  • To prevent the dry and hardness of your skin, it is suggested to stay dehydrated from inside. Regular consumption of sufficient water will keep you well dehydrated and help your palms to stay softer and smoother.

The excess consumption of Alcohol and Caffeine is also not good for your skin. Drinking excess coffee can affect the softness of your skin directly. Instead, opt for the healthy habit of drinking green tea whenever you need your daily dose of caffeine.


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