How to Regulate Body Weight?


How to Regulate Body Weight?

Your body weight is the reflection of balance between the energy you take and the energy you expend. And, the imbalances between energy intake and energy expenditure cause change in your body weight.

How to Regulate Body Weight?

However, normally, the energy you take from the food that you take as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and by other means such as tea, coffee, snacks, etc. On the other hand, the energy you expend in the form of daily works such as walking, working routine works, or any other physical exercise that you might do. However, these are not the only ways, but rather even mental work such as thinking also consume some amount of energy. This is how your body weight keeps on regulating. How To Balance Body Weight?

Likewise, you expend energy by physical works as well as by mental works. However, if you take same amount of energy as much you expend in such a condition, your body regulation works perfectly and you maintain the healthy body weight. However, if there is imbalance of any sort that directly affects the body weight.

Energy Balance:

If energy intake increases, then you gain more weight and become overweight and if energy intake decreases then the required, then you lose your ‘body weight’ and become underweight. The requirement of energy is not same for every one rather it varies person to person; one who works more physical works, he/she needs more energy intake.

Similarly, the athlete, sports person, labourers, etc. need more energy (because they expend more energy).

How to Regulate Body Weight?

On the other hand, the person who does less physical works need less energy intake. For example, urban style living people, one who follow the routine work that is from home to office and office to home (in the office only sitting work) and do not do any physical work like walking, running, yoga, etc. they require less energy intake to balance their healthy body weight.

However, always this is not the condition, but of course in a normal and healthy human body, this is the typical activity. But many times, you may notice the person who eat very less is overweight and the person who eat too much and also don’t doing any physical exercise is underweight; it happens because of medical reason. Possible, he/she may be suffering from some imperceptible disease such as ill regulation of metabolic activity.

Though, these sorts of problems initially do not harm in any way, but in long run, it may be problematic; therefore, it need to be cured the soonest.

How to Maintain Body weight?

Maintaining a healthy body weight is not an easy task; but at the same time it is also not a difficult task. Well, don’t get confused; so, let’s start with the first sentence i.e. “maintain a healthy body weight is not an easy task”. The reason is, you have to control on your body as well as on your mind at the same time, which naturally needs lots of energy and very hard determination.

How to Regulate Body Weight?

As discussed, you have to control and maintain:

  • Your eating habit
  • You cannot eat anything any time
  • You have to follow a routine as well as a food chart
  • Literally avoid high calories food, junk food, etc.

In addition, you need to do:

  • A routine physical exercise such as walk, jogging, yoga, etc.
  • Go on bed on time
  • Wake up early morning (on time)
  • Last but not the least; you don’t need to bother much about anything.

Physical or health problem can spoil your all efforts; so, if you are suffering any such kind of health problem (weather physical or mental) get cured the soonest.

Now, come on the second sentence i.e. “maintain a healthy body weight is not a difficult task”.

I accept, initially, if you don’t have such kind of habit, then very difficult to follow such kind of difficult routine and you need lots of motivation or very big reason to start that, but once you start it with hard determination, in a few weeks, you will find that all these works became an easy task for you and you became habitually of this.

So, the conclusion is – starting is difficult, but later maintaining it not at all difficult.

How to Regulate Body Weight?

Tips for Energy Balance:

Energy balancing is a consistent and routine task, if you miss it or lose consistency, then very difficult to maintain. Therefore, to keep energy balance maintained, you need to follow a routine task.

Following are some of the significant tips, if you follow them, it will definitely help you in maintaining your body energy:

  • Make a Routine: Make a routine of your daily activities i.e. how many types of works you do every day (include only the routine works not the occasional one; if some works, you don’t do every day, but you do routinely once, twice, or thrice a week, include that).
  • Calculate the Energy Loss: Calculate how much energy you loss every day out of these routine works.
  • List your Food items: Make a list of your food items that you eat every day. Also calculate, how much energy overall you take every day.
  • Calculate your Energy Balance: Now, calculate your energy balance by deducting the total energy expenses from the total energy intake. Check out, either you are in deficit or surplus. Well, whatever the result is – maintain the energy balance accordingly.

Now, the question is how to maintain the energy balance?

Once, the real picture came in your mind, now it is easy to control the deficient/lacking part. However, in addition, if you follow the following tips that will help you to maintain the energy balance:

How to Regulate Body Weight?

  • Follow your Routine: Follow your routine strictly and routinely; don’t give any excuse.
  • Control your Food Habit: Eat only healthy food and as much required. Don’t exceed the level of requirement.
  • Physical Exercise: Do some, but routine physical exercise such as walking, jogging, yoga etc. Physical exercise is imperative to maintain your “body weight”.

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