How to Remove the First Date Awkwardness?


How to Remove the First Date Awkwardness?

Do you know, how to remove the First Date Awkwardness? First dates are sort of awkward because it is one chance to hit off or on the road. It is feeling of uncertainty that surfaces as you don’t know much about each other. Sometimes being extra careful and control freak can also lead to massive awkwardness among couples.

It is obvious to be nervous when you are meeting someone for the first time because you guys are mentally alien to each other. There is lot to think and ponder over when you meet someone for first date, sometime too much of anxiety may lead to awkwardness. Here are few ways how you can save your first date awkwardness.

Plan it Properly and be Punctual:

When you are planning to meet someone for a date, call it a first date there are prospects that you hit off really well. Try to plan up things before hand. It becomes awkward when you meet your date and clueless for another 1 hour of where to go and what to do.

Decide a place and itinerary for the day or date. If you are trying to impress someone, try to be on time. Being late only makes it more awkward with all the apology session followed by justifying the reason. You don’t want to start your date this way.

Break the Ice before Meeting:

Technology has revolved and evolved, so did means of communication. When you plan on going for a date with a person you like or probably planning to match up things with, it is always advisable to break the ice before meeting in person.

With number of  messenger services like WhatsApp, talk and discuss things about each other. It helps to cure the first date awkwardness and thus doesn’t make you feel like meeting a complete stranger. Talk for few days before planning you first date.

Listen and Pay Attention:

It is one of the most awkward moments when you aren’t paying attention to what your date is talking about and unfortunately get caught. There are many things like her/his favourites, something important that means a lot to them and expectations, if you aren’t paying close attention, you might fall off the track and make things completely awkward. Listen and understand her/him when they speak.

Question but Don’t Investigate:

When you are on your first date the most important thing is to get to know each other, which requires asking each other questions. But the way of doing things should don’t be unfriendly and imperative of the situation. It should not sound like a session of investigation and interrogation.

Question things to know each other, try to strike a conversation out of it for better understanding of each other. Try not to be too snoopy about the other person’s life because if the date hits off well, you gradually get to know each other better.

Talk about Everything except Ex:

The date is not a chance encounter but gives you the chance to know each other better. Talk about anything, strike a conversation and share your experience but one thing you should avoid discussing a lot is about your ex. It is okay if you have mentioned about your past and what went wrong but to bring up your ex in between your date is a complete sabotage. Don’t make it awkward by sound too obsessed about your ex.

Dress Up but Don’t over Do:

One definitely wants to look good on their first date but overdoing things in not a good idea. If you are not comfortable in that dress or your top is too skimpy or you are scared of toppling on your heels, do wear it.

Wear something that is nice and attractive and at the same time, don’t compromise on you comfort, because it will help you be yourself. Worrying too much about how you look or managing clothes that you are not comfortable with can lead to unwanted awkwardness.

Be Original:

The more you are yourself and original, the more comfortable the date gets as you don’t need to pretend to be someone else. It is okay of you are all flawed and not perfect, no of us are. So put some extra efforts when you are out on a first date but don’t portray a person which you are not. This may completely make the situation awkward because you date may just analyse that you are faking your personality.

These are few things one need to take care of when going on a first date. It saves one from awkward moments and increases chance of hitting it off well. The less awkward it is, the more you get to know each other.


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