How to Take Care of a 10 Months Old Baby?


How to Take Care of a 10 Months Old Baby?

Are you one of them, who is facing hard time in caring your 10 months old baby, congratulations, now you in club of looking baby’s new face, lot of mischievous, make you to run crazily after them, everyday you wake up looking at new surprising development in your baby.

At this age i.e., 10 months old baby, your little one has gain independence because they know how to use their body and how to control different movements. And these skills, they will always try to enhance and use the same at every aspect. Looking at and sticking to child’s behaviour, it is good to explore them new things by their own, but they must be protected by different trouble that they may get into. Right Diet for 8 Months Old Baby

10 Months Old Baby

Certain Things you Must Take Care while your Baby is Playing:

  • Keep all sharp objects, object which when fall on them could hurt, any glass objects, any wooden or heavy objects, away from the area where babies are playing, as they will love to drag this kind of objects and when they fall down on them and they get hurt, they will cry a lot and create a big trouble for you.
  • At this age i.e., ’10 months old baby’, they may try to crawl and come to different areas of your house, they may reach up to kitchen, so you should not keep any knife or other utensils, using which they can get hurt.
  • Try to keep the area where they play, hygienic and clean with good germs killing powder or different types of liquid. Moreover, while cleaning with this liquid, it could be good in case you clean with mob which are washed properly and without any other things stick to it.
  • Try to keep your baby’s play area safe and child friendly. Keep so soft toys, a soft carpet in the rooms where they are playing, this will eliminate any chances of getting hurt.
  • They may tend to sleep less once they turn to 10 month, this is because there mind must be roaming around in exploring different things, enjoying themselves, and whole day playing with toys. However, it is necessary that the routine which you have made, you should stick to that and never changes the same. Try to make them sleep at regular time during day as well as night, do not change sleeping pattern as per their convenience otherwise it may affect their development and could create problem for you.

10 Months Old Baby

  • Along with solid food, milk should be given in ample amount, so that they can digest the food properly without any problem and may eliminate the chances of hard bowel movement or constipation. Moreover, you should be now a good cook and cook variety of food for them which they like and eat, if you tend to give them same food every time they may not entertain and may take their head away, but try to cook something good, which help them digest easily and they also like the taste of the food. This is necessary for their overall growth, and as during this age, they tend to play more, it is essential that necessary nutrition should be provided to them.
  • Your baby behaviour may also get change at this point, as they want to explore more, but if you force them to sleep or to take a nap, they may behave badly, they may start arguing, not listening to you, but you should make them calm and do not get frustrated, as this is the age which will the age of exploration for them.
  • Moreover, it is also necessary that, you keep then hygiene, make them take bath for twice a day, as this will clean their hand and legs which they use while playing in floor, which you may have clean but still there could be certain things which may affect them. IN case you see your baby enjoying in some area, full of dirt, then immediately take them and wash their hand and other part of body and make them clean.
  • Potty and toilets should be clean immediately, as it may lead to infection in them.

There is no rocket science behind the same, just keep watching your “10 months old baby” and take precautionary steps well before something wrong happen, which will keep them healthy.


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