How to Take Care of your Two Months Old Baby?


How to Take Care of your Two Months Old Baby?

Congratulation, you have completed 1 month for your baby, utmost care you have taken for the development, growth, hygienic environment, feeding them. Now second cycle will be starting, during which your baby will be two months old. When your baby is two month old, after that your baby will ask for more feeding compare to one during 1 month.

The reason behind this is your baby is growing and need more nutrition. However, for a baby of two months, only breastfeeding or formula milk should be source of nutrient because this is not a right time to give them solid foods.


During this age of development, pets should be kept away, because they are easily vulnerable to any infections. Moreover, you’re playing area or area where you keep your baby should be hygiene and clean it at regular interval of time. Toys with which they are playing should be soft and not with sharp edges.

Proper massage should be provided, properly they should be taken for bath after massage, if they are more crying then soothe them with taking in hand, making them laugh. They should keep away from more noisy area, as their ears are not those much good enough to bear sound beyond the decibels. Vaccination should be provided at regular interval to prevent any major disease or infection in them.


If you are having formula feeding baby, then the care should be taken at highest level, as in formula feeding milk, it intact through plastic or glass bottle which is very dangerous as certain preventive steps should be taken, so it will not affect your baby, suffering from any harmful infections like.

Check for Nipples should Not be Cracked and Flow Rates should be Properly Selected:

  • Wash bottle properly and sanitize the same with boiling water at certain temperature. Moreover, provide baby with pure formula milk or breast milk, do not mix it with some juice or water at any point. During such breastfeeding or formula feeding, baby should be hold in proper position like head should be higher compare to other part of body; otherwise the baby may spit out the milk which should go in their stomach.
  • After providing the milk they should be well burp, so that the milk will go through their intestine properly and does no remain in between which result in to vomiting and splitting out all the milk.
  • Moreover, such splitting can be the sign of baby not getting adjusted with that formula milk, so it should be changed or doctor’s suggestion should be taken in such cases. Also, do not give more formula feeding milk as it may also affect their growth at various points. You should try to stick with breastfeeding only. Furthermore, if you are using plastic bottles for formula feeding, then do not keep milk for long hours inside the same, change it.
  • Similarly, change your bottle every 3 months, replace it with new one and before using do not forget to sanitize. Similarly, when you are breastfeeding, at that point also, keep habit of using sanitizer, to clean your hand and then take your baby in hand. Keep your breast nipples clean every time, if any milk is stick at that point, then clean it with hot water cloth and then breastfeed your baby.

Along with Baby, it is also Necessary that Mother should Take some Preventive Steps like:

  • Mother should also take enough sleep in order to rest themselves, make their body relax for proper breastfeeding for their child
  • Massage your breast with hot water cloth, clean it on regular base to remove any milk stain which is remaining after your baby has taken your nipple for breastfeeding
  • Wash your cloth properly, make it more hygienic, try to use different cloths after each breastfeeding which are clean enough, not spreading much bacteria
  • Keep your surrounding area, bed clean enough
  • If you use lavatory, then ensure that you clean your hand and other part of bodies with bacteria free soaps or sanitize it and then take your baby in hand
  • During such stages hair falling could be problem, so rubber band your hairs properly if they are falling then pick them and throw it away

By following the above tips, it helps you in taking care of your 2 Months Old Baby.


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