Importance of Oils to avoid Hair Damage during Winter


Importance of Oils to avoid Hair Damage during Winter:

Do you want to avoid Hair Damage during this Winter? We love the winter for its chills and cold weather, but the dry weather and chills can cause hair damage. The loss of our precious hair can be a real nightmare for us. In winter, along with our dry and dull skin we can start losing our precious hair for the rough weather. 

The dry and dull weather makes the skin of our scalp itchy and rough, which can cause Dandruff, ultimately resulting in hair fall.  Here comes the essentiality of using the oils. Let’s discuss a few factors why oil is necessary to keep your hair healthy in winter,

The Obvious Reasons:

Our scalp normally produces natural hair oils which nourish our scalp and keeps our hair healthy. In the winter, for the dry and rough weather, the scalp gets dry and thus it cannot produce enough oil to nourish our hair. So, to supply essential oils to our scalp we need the help of the hair oils.

The hair oils contain Vitamin E, which can maintain the PH level of your scalp. The coconut oil, castor oil, olive oils are an excellent provider of nourishment of your hair during this season. For the best results, heat up your oil and keep it overnight.

The amount of oil required for the nourishment is another great factor of these days. Those days are gone when you require lots of oils and make your hair greasy to achieve the desired results.  Too much hair oil in your scalp can block the pores and cause the adverse effect. Thus, take the hair oils in small measures and gently massage your scalp after heating slightly.

Oil Prevents Bacterial and Fungal Infections:

In the winter while the scalp gets dry, the pores of the scalp also get clogged. As a result, it increases the chance of creating bacteria and fungus. Those bacteria and fungus are most likely to cause problems like lice, dandruff which can cause itching or hair damage. To avoid this situation, oil your hair along with honey. Heat your hair oil along with a spoonful of honey and it can be an excellent natural anti-bacterial treatment for your hair.

Maintain the Health of Hair and Prevent Dandruff:

Oil protects the protein layer of the hair which resides beneath the epidermal cells of the hair. The weak hair protein can often cause the breakage of the hair. The hair oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil protect the hair shaft and help to soothe the frizzy and brittle hair.

In the winter, you are most likely to use hats for the whole day, your hair can get sweaty and thus the health of the hair is most likely to suffer. The essential hair oil retains the health of the hair. It often acts as a natural conditioner to de-tangle your hair, prevents dryness which can cause dandruff, strengthen the roots and makes the hair silky by curing dryness of the scalp.

The usage of oil in the winter is as essential as washing the hair, especially in the era of pollution. Choose the right hair oil to suit your hair and keep your hair shiny even in the cold of the winter.


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