Is it Safe to have Sex during Pregnancy?


Is it Safe to have Sex during Pregnancy?

Everyone are in dilemma, whether, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. During pregnancy most of the women think that sex is not safe. And you will find your relation easy to forget and focus all your strength on your developing baby, but to remain with healthy relationship you have to learn the true steps of what works and what doesn’t during pregnancy. In your mind you will be having a lot of questions regarding these topic, so today we will discuss about the same.

Is it Safe to have Sex during Pregnancy?

 If your pregnancy is normal then definitely you can do sex, but if your pregnancy is complicated, then you cannot proceed with the sex. Moreover, during such time men often feel a little ignored because everything get importance to the baby. Due to which doctors encourage couple to have sex because it helps to keep couple bonded with each other.

Some women seems to have more sex in early pregnancy, but afraid in lately pregnancy because they fear bringing on early labor or hurting the baby. Your emotions take a toll on sex drive, that how pregnancy or baby change the relationship with your partner, and you are eagerly waiting for the addition of baby in your family.

Pregnancy Sex

Does Sex during Pregnancy, harm Baby ?

Most of the couple stress of thinking to hurt baby, but baby is not in vagina, a developing baby cocooned in mum’s little transparent vault, within the strong wall of uterus, behind the cervix and well protected by the amniotic fluid. So sex won’t affect the baby.

Can Sex during Pregnancy, Cause Miscarriage?

Many couples worry that because of sex during pregnancy miscarriage caused, but generally sex isn’t concern. Most miscarriages occur because of fetus not developing normally. Sex doesn’t cause miscarriage.

How is normal Sex different from Sex during Pregnancy?

As your body changes, sex will be different too. In first trimester of pregnancy the women feel morning sickness, vomiting and fatigue. As you noticed that you feel better in second trimester as it is increased in libido. This is one of the best time to have sex. However you are probably feeling like more sex than before and also feels different than before which you may noticed.

This is because of few things: firstly, your body is preparing for the rest of your pregnancy and the blood pumps more into your vagina. This means it is fuller and can make sex feel tighter, and sometime, the women find sex painful during pregnancy.

Sex During Pregnancy

Will Pregnancy decrease Sexual Desire?

Desire decreases as progress in pregnancy, which will take you to next phases of life, but try to understand your partner, about the changes in your sex desires, as well changes which is progressing in your body as pregnancy progresses. Your partner expectation affects not because you look and feel different, but because as the pregnancy progresses, he’ll will see and feel the baby move, while he feels the fatherhood too.

What if you Cramp after Sex?

Some women feel abdominal cramp during or after intercourse as the orgasm set off a wave of contractions. These contractions are noticeable in the third trimester. Give some time to get normal, put your feet up and drink three full glasses of water. If bleeding starts or fluid leaking don’t wait for anything and call your doctor.

What Positions are Best for Sex during Pregnancy?

As your pregnancy progresses to going deep for positions you may not feel good. As long as you are comfortable, most sexual positions are ok during pregnancy. By your third trimester, you should skip some missionary position, not only your belly growing big, but also because doctors don’t want you on your back.

What if Doctors say NO to Sex during Pregnancy?

In your pregnancy complications as placenta abruption, where the placenta actually separates from the uterus, or if it is risk of preterm birth or labor, the doctor recommend completely bed rest and say “NO” to sex, it is strictly restricted.

However if you want to have sex throughout your pregnancy and your health care gives you green light, then be rest assured and go for it as it will help in increasing your bond and also enjoy your pregnancy too.


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