Is Lesbianism a Good Idea?


Is Lesbianism a Good Idea?

Lesbianism is a debatable topic nowadays. Conservative minded people and religions usually get hyper on the idea of lesbianism as they feel that this type of fashion or method is an aim to revise all the normal point of view of people about sexual life.


A culture which feel women as a by-product of men, can’t accept the frank nature of free thinking women who shows sufficient boldness to stay independent of men.

Proper Definition of Lesbianism: 

In the shortened form, Lesbianism is the homosexuality of women. A feminine person is called a lesbian when she conveys her sexual and intimate drives toward another female. The belief and the goodness of the nature is that all the living human being is born with the natural feeling to bed with opposite sex. But in special case, Lesbianisms is different to the belief of nature.


As lesbian, will never have feeling towards opposite sex but will display her sexual feeling only to a same sex. In today’s world, Lesbianism is no more believed as a restriction to modern societies rather a changed way of thinking.

Sources of Lesbianism:

The starting point of lesbianism is either for psychological or personal reasons. Again and again, it has been observed minutely that a person cultivate lesbian features from the school age itself. In today’s world, lesbianism is no more a matter of craziness or personality disorder.


Yet, it is showed that lesbianism is further mental adjustment than a physical confusion. There might be two reasons of lesbianism: firstly, if a girl enjoys the company of other girl or more girls than with a boy, on that situation she becomes lesbian. The second reason is that if a girl for some or the other reasons happened to hate boy or boys, she might become a lesbian.

Controversy Associated with Lesbianism:

Despite the fact, Lesbian couple frequently feels generally disrespected and looked down upon. The majority of lesbian couples are increasing day by day as nowadays people have their full liberty to recognize their sexual needs and way of living independently. Lesbians, if they ever wanted a baby, they either opt for adoption or contact a sperm donor to mother a baby.


Babies growing with lesbian parents will have a shortage of realization and understanding of healthy family relationships which he/she has to retain from the families. Generally, a wedding between a man and a woman is not just to satisfy ones physical needs but also to achieve the social needs of generation and intellectual need of sharing the love and care. But a lesbian partnership is build upon sexual characteristics only.

Can Lesbianism be Tackled?

Lesbianism is not at all an infection or disease to be cured and treated. It is just a sexual attitude, they are neither physically or mentally sick. There is some convincing analysis like correctable or transformation therapies that declared to have treatments to transform sexuality although it is not demonstrated by the analysis and not welcomed by scientific society. Lesbianisms is a quality may be just as you are cravings for a food item.


Therefore, is you are confused about your sexuality and become a lesbian then proper recommendation is advised which can help you and direct you to choose the correct path. If someone has the feeling that she should be cured from this habit then clear sign that she is not a lesbian.

The outlook of the society one living around may make somebody to believe about prevention of lesbian desires. It is the main thing to confess the sexual direction to lead a happy sexual life.  Once confessed, discovered all the happiness from it and live cheerfully.


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