Just Relax and Let Go


Just Relax and Let Go:

Worrying, controlling, trying to keep things together makes relaxation tougher. Here are 5 ways to help even the most wound worries relax.

Don’t get too Needy about Relaxation: If you cannot relax, don’t hit the stress button. Just remember there are 6-year-olds to 60-year-olds, who are trying their best to unwind, but can’t. Just let go. Says BK Shivani, a member of the Bramhakumaris spiritual organisation, “Just loosen yourself up. Tell your kids to think nothing. Hug your worries. Make them your friend. Focus on breathing. Try to be at complete peace. If you are tense, let it be, allow the tension to settle in. Don’t flight anything. It is this fighting that doesn’t allow you to unwind. Feel every though, there’s nothing positive or negative”.

Just Relax

Relax your Focus: Don’t pay attention to anything in particular. Think about the abstract. Pay attention to nothing. Says Atul Vyas, a Jaipur-based yoga guru, “Yoga teaches you to focus on one point, but that can stress you more. So, just be. Try not to focus on any one point. Don’t make any rules for the mind. Watch how it eases”.

Just Relax

Accept: This is the ‘miracle’ way to relax. Whatever is happening around you, in your life good or bad – just accept it. Says Ma Naina of Osho ashram, “Don’t struggle or fight what is happening. You will exhaust yourself. Nobody can control what is happening around them”.

Just Relax

Don’t chase Perfection: Most people get exhausted by their wish-list and high expectations. Visual images from social media dictate the way we should live, that leaves us sad. Set your standards low, there will be less pain and disappointment. Says relaxation coach Mark Gibson, “Simplify your life goals, do some habit restructuring, be okay with disappointments. Conquer your emotional suffering by eliminating negative attitudes and beliefs. Shift from fear to freedom”.

Just Relax

Hug Uncertainty: Don’t try to control your life. Make uncertainty your best friend and learn how to deal with changed plans. Says spiritual coach Katja Rusanen, “Take life to be an unknown destination, with no guarantees. Loosen up to life’s mystery. Be joyful in the journey”.

Just Relax

-Source: THE TIMES OF INDIA (News Paper)


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