Latest Designs of Finger Mehndi


Latest Designs of Finger Mehndi:

Like the other fashion styles, the traditional Mehndi designs are also going through a fashion revolution nowadays. Previously Mehndi used to symbolize the traditions. The girls used to put on Mehndi in the weddings, festivals. Nowadays, it has become a style statement for any kind of occasions.

Whether with the traditional wears or with the Western attires, the Mehndi can be an excellent style. Various kinds of designs can be put on depending on the seasons, occasions even the attires you are choosing.  Today Mehendi can be designed specially to suit with the Modern or chic dressings.


Along with all the chic styles, the Mehndi designs are facing revolutionary changes. One of them being the finger Mehndi designs. If you think that the Arabic or full coverage Mehendi designs are too much heavy for you, then the finger Mehendi designs are perfect for you.  Here are a couple of designs you can try for your finger Mehndi:

Fully Covered Design:

If you want a full designed Mehndi, yet wish to keep it cool, try putting nice designs just at the fingers. Cover the back part of your fingers with round, geometric or mixed designs.


Random Full Covered:

If you are not in a mood to design artistically you can also cover the back of your nails with random shapes. Just fill the back of your fingers with whichever shape you fancy and let it become an awesome fashion trend.


Heavy Floral Design:

You are in favour of the floral motives you can always fill the back of your fingers with floral motive. Draw a couple of flowers and fill the rest of the space with leaves.


Random Celtic Design:

If you really want to portray the traditional Mehndi as chic Tattoo, you can try some Celtic designs.  This design is actually very easy, you need to just put some ring deigns with leave pattern. Just a couple of Celtic figures and you are done.


With Glittering Nails:

If you are fond of glitters, you may try the plain finger Mehndi with glittering nails. Keep the design of the Mehendi simple for the maximum effect. If you cannot get the glittering nail polish, just add glitter on the top of your nail polish before it gets dried and apply a top coat after it.


Cris-Cross Design:

The cris-cross net design also can be a great design for the back of your nails. Relatively easy this design can be a match with both western and traditional wear.


Round Ring Design:

You can also do a couple of heavy designed ring around your finger for a chic Mehndi. At the middle finger put on two rings and keep one for the other ones. Select their positions accordingly.


Centered Geometric Pattern:

At the top portion of your nails, put on a couple of ring designs. The geometric patterns can look very classy and cool for this purpose.


Half Moon Designs:

These unique designs of the fingers are positioned as the two fingers side by side completes the whole. Normally a single finger can portray the design of a half-moon.


Random Pattern Finger Mehndi:

If you don’t want to follow any rules, you can try any sort of random designs for each of your fingers.


Flower Band around the Fingers:

On the centre of your finger, try a flower band.


One Fingered Design:

If you are looking for an absolute chic look with Mehndi, try the Mehendi on only one finger.


The finger Mehndi concept is still not hugely popular among the girls. So, try any one of the designs and become a trendsetter among your friends.


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