Makeup Tips for a Day Outdoors


Makeup Tips for a Day Outdoors:

Every Day Outdoor needs Makeup Tips. In a daytime event of your office or  in a fun filled day of picnic or party, the one thing that can keep you worried is to look good even your are out in the sun and dust. We all love a chance of fun filled day out, especially after the days of working.

Whether in a daytime office event or in a family outing, you need to look perfect. There are most definitely millions of chances to click countless pictures or impress someone special. So, for these moments, you need to appear absolutely fabulous. Our greatest challenge is not to put on a perfect look, but to retain that look in a perfect manner for the rest of the day.

Sadly there are no hard and fast rules to put on a makeup especially for the day out. Apart from the sunscreen, there are few makeup items available which have been specially designed for a day out.  So, the trick is to make our regular makeup long lasting and compatible with a day out.

Let’s check out a few tricks and tips to make your makeup last long even you are staying outdoors for a whole day:

Use the Waterproof Makeup Tips:

It is always advisable to use waterproof makeup in all the special moments of our life. Using waterproof makeup tips reduces the chance to the makeup gets smudged during the events. Especially when you are planning to stay outside in the sun, dust, using waterproof makeup is essential. The waterproof makeup tips is most unlikely to melt even the surroundings are warmer than usual.

Consider the Season and Weather:

While you are planning to attend an outdoor event do consider the season and weather first. If the season is fall or winter, you won’t be having much trouble of smudging your makeup. If it is a moist weather like late spring or summer, then you might have to think about the longevity of your makeups.

The weather is also to be considered here. If the day is cloudy or foggy, it can be in a way advantage of you, you might not have to face the sun. Likewise, if the day is sunny, you might have to take precaution accordingly.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen:

No matter what makeup products you are choosing for the daytime events, a Sunscreen with at least SPF 40+ is a must. Whether the day is sunny or not, you must apply a non-oily Sunscreen. A gel based Sunscreen is best for the daytime events.

Keep it Light:

No matter what the season is, it is wise to keep your makeup light. Try to keep the daily wear makeup products like BB or CC creams, Kohl in your makeup rather than the heavy makeup products for the special occasions.

Oil Absorbing Sheet and Tissues:

After you are done with your makeup, just drab an oil absorbing sheet over your face to soak extra oil from your face. Apart from giving your makeup a matte look, it will also make your face look fresh. Throughout the day, keep this absorbing sheets or tissues along with you to absorb extra oils and sweat from your skin.

Overall, for a day out in the sun and dust keep your makeup tips minimal and concentrate on looking fresh rather than gorgeous.  This trick will also make you look good in the pictures.


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