Most Comprehensive Guide of Do’s and Don’ts during the Second Trimester


Most Comprehensive Guide of Do’s and Don’ts during the Second Trimester:

Congratulations! You have successfully landed in the second trimester of your pregnancy. These 3 months are the easiest of all the nine months of pregnancy. Like majority of women, there will be no more morning sickness and no more vomiting.

More noticeable changes will be showed up by your body. From this time, your belly starts growing bigger and you can feel the baby movements as well. This is the best time in the whole pregnancy period. Do the fruitful things in these periods and avoids the worst. Check out for some dos and don’ts in the second trimester of pregnancy.


Make the Correct Choices in each and Everything which you Plan for your Baby:

  • In Food: Maintain a balanced and healthy diet. During the second trimester of pregnancy, proteins are the most essential. Consume proteins in good amounts so as to provide a balanced supply for the growing baby. Eat protein rich food like soy products and beans, etc. Intake of calcium should also be proportionate, as this is essential for the supply of calcium to baby’s bone and teeth. Apart from this, consume food which is rich in iron. Iron is a good carrier of oxygen. This prevents from fatigueness and fulfills baby’s demand of oxygen. Include spinach and lentils in the diet with the supplements of iron. Eat throughout the day in small portions. Drink plenty of water and avoid consuming spicy food.
  • Take Care of your Stretched Skin: With pregnancy, there comes the fast weight gain. This renders pink and purple lines on abdomen, thighs and breast. Moistures those parts routinely, to avoid the stretch mark. This helps to reduce the itchiness which is usually accompanied by the marks.
  • Do Gentle Exercise: Exercising regularly helps to maintain flexibility. This helps in having normal delivery. Exercise lowers the chances of developing diabetes in pregnant women. Exercise helps to boost stamina and energy. Additionally, it helps in preparing for the physical changes of labor and delivery.


A few General Things are to be Avoided in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy:

  • Do Not Sleep on your Back: Sleeping on your back is a bad posture when you are pregnant. This adds to lower back pain and block the blood flow to the baby. Sleep on your left hand side.
  • Say No to High Heels: High heels increases the risk to fall as with the increase in weight the center of gravity also changes.
  • Do Not Drink or Smoke: Alcohol and smoke have ill effects on your baby’s growth. Smoking causes behavioral changes in the baby and can also lead to mortality. Alcohol causes impairment in the mental and physical development of the baby.
  • Do Not Take Unnecessary Pills: Try to avoid taking unnecessary medications.Medicines can cross the placenta and can affect the growing baby. Hence, before taking any medicine, a throughout research should be done on its safety during pregnancy.

A few do’s and don’ts during second trimester can add happiness in your life with healthy development of baby.


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