Natural Pain Relief Methods for Childbirth


Natural Pain Relief Methods for Childbirth:

Do you know, how to get natural relief during childbirth? In the first pregnancy the women doesn’t know about the pain of labor. Women start dreaming future of the baby, but in the first experience of pregnancy, she is not well prepared for natural pain relief management. There is a wide variety of natural pain management methods used to make a smoother birth experience.

It is also common to use such techniques throughout the different stages of birth. Mostly women ask question to other women like friend, sister or mother about, “How natural pain relief in labor”? Is there any relief method of natural pain for labor. The answer is that in labor the pain created outward and it is preventable. The most critical labor pain management method is relaxation- mentally, physically and emotionally.

Relaxation is important for comfortable natural birth. In relaxation, there are also different method is there as follows:

  • To listen music
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Script (reading) relaxation
  • Visualization (to imagine)

With the help of this technique women can feel calm and comfortable. But with the increase of labor pain the body and the baby’s position constantly changes, to create best condition for birth. So they need to use the different methods for labor pain.

Not everything works same for everyone, so here are the different methods of natural pain relief for childbirth:

Deep Breathing:

Breathing is the most common method used for natural pain relief during childbirth. In breathing you should first relax your mind then take deep breaths in and slowly breathing out that really help to keep you relax and help you to manage from pain.

Do not take short and tense breathing that may increase in pain. Deep breathing allows you and your baby more oxygen, breathing method work best if you practice the same before childbirth.


Massage can help you to relax your muscles and give relief in labor pain, you can do massage with hot water, massage is done gently on your belly, legs, and your partner, labor coach or who is professional massage therapist can give you massage on your back, your tense muscle get relax.  

During pregnancy feet pains a lot so you have to focus on feet and massage gently on feet because our full body weight is on feet. Apply gentle massage but firm pressure, move thumb in a circle at the centre of the feet. Massage to the lower back, hips, buttocks, but make sure that doctor recommend.


The water tub childbirth is also one of the natural methods to relieve labor pain. A warm water or shower help you temporary relax muscle and labor pain. The warm water feeling you soothe, some of the discomforts you feel. The water is the most comfortable pain relief method.

Keep water temperature which comforts of women and baby. Many hospitals and birthing centres have showers and soaking tubs for labor women.


Meditation also helps you to concentrate on an object, picture or sound. Try to do Meditation in a park, where you can relax and feel calm, near to nature, cool breeze, bird voice, with the closing eyes. It also helps in diverting your mind from pain, and helps you to feel relief.

In meditation you can listens soft music and feel yourself in different mind. Practicing meditation before childbirth gives you peace of mind, relief in labor pain too. Firstly you may feel distracted but try to focus on one object and you will get comfortable with the same

The Birthing Ball:

Birthing ball is highly recommended by many physiotherapist in a physical therapy during labor pain relief, under which balls are very soft and firm to sit pregnant women and it gives relief during the labor pain. These balls are great medicine in the discomfort of the pain.

When the women learn about the squat (seating and standing nearer to the ground) the birthing ball help them to achieve without the help of the partner. It poses a good posture and allow to straining the muscle.

Hence, above are some of the different methods used by hospitals for getting pain relief during the childbirth, and usage of such method will also not result in any side effects, so start using such method which provides you with relief.


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