Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss:

As we all know that, Prevention is better than Cure. But most of us think about preventing hair loss only after they have lost hairs. So, if you really worried about your hair, then plan and start early to prevent your valuable hairs before it is lost.

Women and even men notice that their hair is thinning and becoming weaker for different reasons. Because age, pregnancy, illness, menopause and genetics etc. which plays an important role in hair loss.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

Usage of natural products are far better than going for expensive parlour and hair treatments, which are expensive and artificial to stop hair fall. Here are few natural tips which are simple and easy to follow for preventing Hair Loss both emotionally and economically:

1) Anti-Oxidants & Natural Juices for Preventing Hair Loss: 

Do you think that you take a proper and a perfect diet and your hair loss is acute? Even then you are not able to prevent your hair loss, then here are some herbs that may help you to overcome your problem.

  • Anti-Oxidants:Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants that will help you in preventing hair loss and also boost up the growth of your hair. Take two bags of green tea in a cup and add hot water to it and prepare a mixture. Apply this warm green tea mixture on your scalp and let in rest for about one hour, so that it spread on your scalp and then wash it with shampoo and water. This helps out in preventing hair loss.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Natural Juices:There are many techniques and liquids which are available in the market, but the best practice is the Natural way. Natural juices are rich in Nutrients, which helps in preventing hair loss. Take any natural juices like Ginger juice, Onion juice or Garlic juice and apply on your scalp and rub it gently. After applying this juice, leave it on your scalp whole night and then rinse it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo and water in the next morning. This juice will help you in reducing the hair loss and for a strong hair.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

2) Managing Your Stress to Prevent Hair Loss: 

Whether you believe it or not, if everything is right i.e., the diet and nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins etc.) intake, then what could be the root cause for your hair loss? There are many causes for hair loss, one of them could be Stress. So, it is your duty that you need to find out the exact reason for your stress and destroy it.

Here are some of the suggestions that you can adopt for reducing, balancing and managing your stress levels. As we all know that every person is unique, so even their stress is also unique. Hence it is only you, who can find out the right way to deal with it. First and fast most thing, you need to do is that make yourself stress free. Stress and tension are the major two factors that causes hair loss. The best way to control stress is by practising yoga, meditation and various breathing exercises.

  • Do Meditation: Meditation is easy, simple and free, you need not spend any money on it. Everyone can practice meditation at any time, whenever they find time. When you are doing meditation, you need to focus your attention, which will help you in eliminating the entangled thoughts that crowd up in your mind and cause stress by inducing hormonal imbalance. Meditation plays an important role in promoting your emotional and physical health, which includes hair’s health. Meditation also helps in restoring the hormonal balance of your body.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Breathe Deeply: Yoga is the one of the best practice for balancing and managing Stress and Tension. Deep breathing is the basic step for many Yoga techniques. It is simple, easy and can be done anyone, anywhere while doing anything. Do you want to know more about Deep Breathing in Yoga, then here we go: You need to take just a five minutes break, sit straight, if not possible then stand straight, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing process. Inhale slowly through your nose, feel the air passing down till your abdomen and you will realize that it is making its way up till your head. Now just reverse the process, feel the air climbing down and gradually exhale it out through your nose.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Do Exercise, even in Moderation: Exercise not only keeps your body fit, but also makes your mind stress free and keeps you free from tensions. Do any exercise like walking, jogging, running, skipping, swimming, yoga, aerobics, playing games etc., which releases feel good chemicals in your body for keeping whole body and mind free from stress and healthy.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Express your Feelings: Social support plays an important role in dealing with tension and stress. Talking to others, like your friends, spouse and family members, face to face or at least over phone, helps you in expressing your feelings. If you are in a situation, where you cannot talk to anyone, then sit and start writing your experiences and feelings. Writing and maintaining a daily diary or a “feelings journal” can also proves to be a greatest stress reducer. By keeping yourself free from stress, you will not only save yourself from chronic diseases but also from hair loss.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

  • Taking Good Care of your Hair: Caring is the best practice and better solution for all problems. Taking care of anything will eventually preserves and promotes it, which is true for hair too. Instead of using Artificial hair products, start using Natural products which are of low cost and less harmful. Fix a good cleaning regimen for hair, do not use harsh chemicals for hair styling and colouring and always be gentle to your hair.

Natural Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


By following all the above measures, will help you in preventing hair loss and these tips may even give you a feeling that, as if hair care is a challenge. Moreover, once you make a habit of taking proper care of your hair and also change your lifestyle, which should be including a good diet and exercises for your body and mind, you will feel how simple it is to pamper your hair.


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