Necessity of Self Care to Maintain Good Health


Necessity of Self Care to Maintain Good Health:

Are you in good health? Self-care is a way to ensure that we can live our life to the fullest. It is important for our physical health as well as our mental health.  Without self-care, it is hard to reach in our goal, maintain the relationships, enjoy our earnings etc.

The word self-care is hypothetical. We don’t need to spend a lot for a proper Self-care. The proper self-care regime doesn’t need us to be selfish. It’s just a couple of steps to ensure that we are taking enough care of ourselves to maintain good health, live a healthy life. Here are some facts of Self-care and why is essential for maintaining good health.

Self Care and Good Health:

Self Care actually signifies any intentional action which we normally take to ensure our mental, physical and emotional health. The motion of Self Care can vary from person to person. Self-care is important to gain confidence, be energetic and effective in life. Sometimes a person with strong self-care can inspire the persons closely related to them, and ensure good health for them too. 

Self Care in Physical Health:

To choose a proper self-care routine, let’s segregate the physical and mental health separately. Self Care in the few areas of Physical health can include,

1) Food Habit:

  • Due to the busy schedule and hectic life, we often skip our meals. On the top of that, we are habituated to taking those foods which are not so beneficial to our health. The first step of the self-care regime must be to ensure the proper food habit on a daily basis.
  • The healthy food which can supply the essential nutrients to our body must be included in daily diet

2) Daily Exercise:

  • The daily exercises are one of the most important in Self Care. Even if it is 10 minutes walk in the morning, we must follow it on a regular basis.

3) Proper Sleep:

  • The daily dose of rest must be included in self-care. No matter what the situation is, our day must include minimum 8 hours of sleep.

4) Regular Check Up:

  • Planning for a regular check-up is one of the essential areas of self-care.

The Mental Self Care:

The self-care segment in the case of mental health varies from person to person. The mental problems or pressures we normally have to face in our life can be quite varied from the person who is closest to us. So the mental self-care regime must be varied in the case of each person.

  • No matter how busy we are, we need to give some time to our family and friends, especially who are very supportive and protective of us. Our daily dose of the problems is bound to lessen just by being with them.
  • We need to be optimistic in every situation. The essential step in self-care is to accept that we are not perfect and to learn to live with our failures.
  • Turning off the cell phone every now and then will be another huge step in self-care. Devoting that time in whatever our heart desire will be a healing for all the mental damage our life is implementing on us regularly.

The main factor of self-care is to set our priorities right. The rest will fall into places gradually.


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