Now Start Learning to be Spiritual


Now Start Learning to be Spiritual:

Spirituality is a belief in the Supreme, a way of life and total surrender, says RITU KHURANA

Yesterday, in an imaginary bundle of cloth, I put in my ego, anger, expectations and after a few thoughts, I put my joys in too. I tied up the bundle and passed it on to my Lord. It would not be true if I said that I had no desire to regress, take a peek into the bundle and dwell on its belongings….


God is watching every breath and sentence that emanates from our mind and body. But an even more ardent desire is to surrender to be a part of Him. A question arises in my mind that if a soul is so possessed with anger, unhappiness and discontentment, then how will it learn to surrender?

Higher Pathways:

All jnana that comes through books, seer experiences, yoga, kirtanas, sandhyas and meditations, are all pathways towards Him. In the modern yuga, these are the easiest avenues. But the most important thing is reading with true observation and implementing the values learnt.

A few years back, I had laughed and looked in disbelief, when a friend advised me that God is right there inside me. Today, after years of experience, I have realised the profound truth of this statement. He is right there inside you hidden by the vapours and clouds of negativities that come in the form of material discontentment, jealousies, ego and anger.

Who is God?

Is God male of female? Or is He a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian? All these questions fade away when we realise which is infinite, omnipotent, eternal and compassionate. You can call Him by any name. And whatever name you choose, it always brings sweetness to your soul and miracles in your life.


Admittedly, it is difficult to reach the high spiritual planes of salvation. Some aspects of spiritual growth can be visualised and practiced in daily life. Spirituality is a belief in the Supreme as a part of you; it is way of life and total surrender. You need not be a naked fakir in the Himalayas who has abandoned everything – but rather you can be a common individual with some inclination to live a pure, healthy and peaceful life.

Some suggestions that will help you achieve this target are:

  • Realise that He is there inside you watching every step, every breath that you take. Know that you cannot fool Him by hiding things.
  • Believe that all your relationships are given by Him. They are His manifestations. Some whom we love show His kindness. Learn lessons of life from those who are unkind to us. Unfavourable incidents, experiences and people may cross our path but we have to learn our lessons from them without losing our equanimity.
  • Unfold the truth that ultimately everyone has come from God and will go back to Him.


  • Take deep breaths and chant the Aum mantra where no breath escapes your concentration.
  • Exercise in a regular basis to feel alive and fit to receive the incandescent rays of His benevolence. A disease body is often depressed and unhappy.
  • Have the serenity to accept what you cannot change, have the courage to change what you can and the wisdom to realise the difference. This is a well-known prayer from Reinhold Neibuhr and if truly adhered to, it can give you so much peace and tranquillity.
  • Be grateful for every good day that passes in peace. Thank God for your ability to think cognitively and to be able to do simple things like walk, talk and see.

-Source: THE TIMES OF INDIA (News Paper)


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