Physical Changes and Development of 3 Months Old Baby


Physical Changes and Development of 3 Months Old Baby:

Wow, you have completed another milestone; your baby will be 3 months old today. First two month is various important, as your baby’s muscles, head and other part is not that much hard and bonny? Due to which utmost care is to be taken care while holding your baby.

They will not able to hold their head during such stages i.e. up to 2 month. However, when your baby will come into the third month, they will be working hard in order to become more flexible and can hold their head and other neck muscles because the bones in this area will be stronger compare to the one during their first 2 months.

Moreover, your baby will also start talking in form of babbling, so try to talk more with them, they will stair at you and will try to understand. At first sight you will think that is she or he listening to me and trying to understand and you will feel so happy about the same.

Third Month Development in Babies:

You will happy to see your baby turning around and holding their head a bit. Moreover, if you have kept them with some support, then also they will try to hold their head and neck for some time. Furthermore, it is this month when you will also see your baby turning around and rolling.

You will just need to keep her on tummy and then see the magic and abilities which your baby will show you which will amaze your every now and then. Most importantly, there sleeping pattern will get change and they will now easily sleep whole night.

Good news for all those parents who are having sleepless night during first two month. They will also start developing more senses for the things which are around them. You can enhance this sensing skill by providing them with different material of toy.

Similarly, your baby will also now start to hold certain objects like they will hold your fingers or any other toy which you provide them for few seconds. Moreover, you can also use some toys which play sounds; you will see how your baby will turn around in the area of sound. There ear will also gradually get developed during this stage. Moreover, start reading books, help them out to show pictures, try board books, which will enhance their eye sight too.

Hence, there are various milestone which your baby will acquire while they come in third month like movement milestone, visual and hearing milestones and most important is social and emotional milestone where they will start enjoying playing with other people and may also cry when the play stop. You will find them more communicative with their babble voice and also provide different facial expression too.

Development Milestone Need to be Watch:

Even though babies develop at their individual way and at their own rate but certain development should be watch:

  • If they remain calm or does not react to any loud sounds
  • They are not able to identify their own hands or legs
  • Does not give smile at your voice
  • Does not react, if you are talking with them or moving any objects in front of them
  • Does not grasp and hold object even for few seconds at three month
  • Not babbling, raising head or turning over when you keep on their tummy
  • Do not push any object through their feet, if something is kept on their feet
  • Not moving their eyes in all direction
  • Do not raise their head in direction of the noise

If you find the above signs in your baby, they you should opt for the suggestion from your paediatrician. Generally it happens that baby may take time to develop some skills and you will need to have patience, but keep a chart in which the growth development milestones are written so you can go through the same and measure the growth of the baby. If you feel something fishy then get in touch with your doctor and ask for suggestion.

At 3 month, you will enjoy more with your baby as they will create new faces, will make you feel surprised by their amazing moves and new abilities which they develop. So get ready for such happiness.


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