Physical Changes and Development of 4 Months Old Baby


Physical Changes and Development of 4 Months Old Baby:

Congratulations, now your baby turns 4, you must be excite seeing your baby growth, facial expressions, movements, new ability which you are baby is developing now. Utmost care must be taken in last 3 month, as your baby is new bee in this world; they usually take around 3 month to get settled with the environment and weather changes. So, it is necessary to take care of your baby in such period.

Now your baby will be keen in exploring what is happening surrounding him or her. During fourth month, baby’s vision will develop, due to which they will now able to distinguish between different colours, also they will start grabbing the things for some seconds try to play with them.

Step by Step Growth of Baby:

Apart from all this, you will now see the different abilities of your child, like a joker in circus, baby will also start showing you different abilities every day, which will make you excited looking at the new abilities developed by the babies.

Baby’s arms will get developed now, in order to strengthen their arms, it is necessary that you allow them to play on floor. After some days, you will see that they will start rolling over their tummy, make them roll over their tummy, as physical exercise is good for your baby.

For last 3 month, you need to handle them with care, as their parts of bodies have been developed, but they are not still as hard and strong as like a BigBaby. So it is necessary to handle them with care during that month, but now during 4th month, you will see that gradually they will create ability of physically moving their head.

Development in Baby of 4 Month:

Your baby will not hold her head for ample amount of time, as well as will try to hold them without any support on their chest and with hands. They will also able to sit but with support, however don’t make them stand, because this will affect their growth of legs, which may get bend in case you try to make them stand without their legs muscles got developed properly.

Now you can keep your baby on floor, they will enjoy exploring things around them, their ears and eyes will developed now, which will help them to listen voices properly, so whenever there is any noise, they will try to identify and move their head in that direction.

Moreover, they will also able to see your face properly now, so try to talk with them more often, this will help them to concentrate on what you are talking. Moreover, you will also see that they will start bubbling with you and try to talk with you. They will see your facial expression, and try to copy them, they will start smiling. So there will many changes in your babies.

Physical Changes of Baby:

The most important physical change will be there strength of muscles helping them to take support of their own hand, chest, move their legs. Moreover, you will also see them grabbing certain things, so now you must be very cautious, when you have keep your baby on floor, don’t keep any sharp object near to them, otherwise they will grab them and get hurt.

Moreover, they will also start getting sense of touch; they will easily identify the touch of their near one like mother or father. So it is good, to provide your baby to other people in your family, but need to take extra care, as those people should be hygiene enough, to hold your baby, so they will understand the sense of touch. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough then you may also see the development of teeth which usually comes between 3 month to 1 year, so in some cases it may start developing at 4th month too. Tiny little teeth, isn’t it so exciting.

During 4th month, your baby will double in weight compare to when they born, there stomach will now ask for more food a day; you can provide breast milk and also start formula milk if breast milk is not available. As 4th month is their development stage, where there bones and muscles will developed fully. In case you don’t see any physical changes as mentioned above, then talk to your doctor at earliest.


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