Physical Changes and Development of 5 Months Old Baby


Physical Changes and Development of 5 Months Old Baby:

Congratulations, your baby is now turn to 5th month, now you will feel relaxed, as your child completed the another milestone, during this month your baby’s physical development will be coming fast. You will get various surprises with your baby, you will able to see different skills which they develop by themselves.

Moreover, your child will also enjoy now, they can easily place herself on their stomach, roll around, start extending her arms and legs, as well as arch her back. Moreover, when baby is on her back, baby will lift her head and shoulder without any support.

Baby Starts Sitting:

Moreover, your baby will also start sitting by themselves without any support or assistance. You should opt for encouraging your baby, by encouraging them, they will learn different skills, they will by themselves try to grab different toys and play with that. Moreover, you will also see your child bouncing up and down when you place of your feet or legs.

From 5th month, you will see many more development in your baby, up to 4th month, you must be thinking that when my baby will play, smile and talk with you. So this is the time, from 5th month, you will see that your baby will developed various skills, you will also feel so surprise by looking new things which is done by your child.

Physical Development in Baby:

Babies, at this age, will start sitting there self, they love this position because they can see what is happening around them, as a new bee, they are always thinking of what is going on around them, however, they cannot see the same because they cannot sit and up to five month, usually they will keep in lie down position only because there bones are not too strong.

However, at this age their bones are strong enough to sit, grab certain things, roll around there tummy. During this time try to surround her with soft toys, do not keep any sharp edge object in front of them, as they will probably grab that and get hurt due to same.

Body Stretching Starts:

Moreover, they will also start holding the small child cups and other objects, hence if they are comfortable sitting in high chair or with you, then you can ask them to hold the cup in their hand to take the sip from such cup, they may wet their cloth but gradually as days will go, they will learn to hold and sip by themselves.

During this period, you will also see them stretching their hands and legs. If your baby cried a lot before while your make them bath, then this time will be good time for you to try again for making them bath, now you will see the difference, they will enjoy the bath, try to make their bathing as a fun, by keeping different toys or bubbles, as child likes new things and they will enjoy with their hand and legs.

Probably, this is the month when you will see your baby laughing a loud, they will concentrate on you what you are saying and start to babble, and enjoy watching you, if you laugh they will also give smile to you at the same time.

Sound Development:

Baby at this age, will also start developing new type of sound, sometime you will feel that your child is calling you, if baby will not see anyone around, then they will shout a loud in order to get your attention to them.

Moreover, this is right age when you can help them enhance the sound, by different rattles or other sound making toys, please ensure that you should opt for not having heavy sound, as that can affect their ears. But try to give them toys having soft sound, they will enjoy the sound and also try to repeat the same.

Right Time to Introduce Solid Food:

Between four and six month, it is right time that you introduce solid food to them, as during this age they are growing faster and apart from breast milk they will also need certain solid food, you need to see the signs from them and start introducing them. Try to give solid food in form of liquid as it will easy for them to digest too.  


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