Physical Changes and Development of 6 Months Old Baby


Physical Changes and Development of 6 Months Old Baby:

Is your baby six months old? Congratulation and celebration, you are half the way to 1 year, your child reach at the age of 6 month, this month will be full of surprises provided by your child, you will see your child is developing new skills, and start to use them in various ways, and they are growing by leap or bound.

Means at this month, there physical development will be more, you will see your baby growing. Up until 4 month, you must be thinking that when my baby will grow, when she will stair at me, recognize me, my voice, my hug, as well as do some babbling with me, show me new skills.

Utmost care has been taken by you during this stage, you have keep them away from the dust, unhygienic places, you have try to keep them on breast fee only, so that they will get enough strength to fight against any type of bacteria, which can harm their body.

What to Expect?

At 6 month, you will see her smiling a lot, without any reason, when you look at them, make different faces, then they will smile a lot. They will also start waving, talking a lot with you and will try to entertain everybody surrounding them.

This is the month when you baby will start exploring more, so you need to be much more cautious, and look after them, as they are not kept alone, sharp objects should be avoided to keep near them, there touches and taste should be taken care, they can grab anything in keep in mouth, so utmost care is to be taken during this stage of baby. This is the time when you will see your baby stood up on her leg, they have enough strength in their body which help them to hold there leg and support the same.

Moreover, in some days of 6 month, you may also see your baby ready to hit the road, they may start crawling. Hence, it is also necessary that as a parents, you try to enhance their skill, try them to learn different things, which help them out to develop themselves. Different types of activities you can introduce during this month, which help them learn quickly, like motor skills, language skills, social, intellectual, sense etc,.

Baby Sleeping on Bed:

Moreover, still your sleepless night are on, you will see your baby may not sleeping at night, this is because, they have learn something new, and they may practice in bed, while sleeping, you may feel that they are not sleeping and disturbing you. But actually they are practicing more on new skills and are getting ready to show you the very next days.

Hence, it is also necessary that you introduce some sleeping strategies for them. Create a regular schedule to make them sleep at proper time during night. Some baby may hate the water and bath up to 5th month, but now your newly grown half the way to 1 year baby, is ready to go in big bath tub, you can feel the water in tub which is not beyond their height, then keep some soft toys and bubbles and then watch your baby enjoying the bath by themselves.

If you baby got teeth, then it is also good that you wash them properly and do not give them much bottle feed or anything else to keep in the mouth every time otherwise your baby’s teeth will not come properly.

Development of Body and Weight:

Furthermore, along with new skills which are developed to your baby, they will also gain weight, have some physical development, due to which breast milk or bottle feed milk may not help them. Hence, it is good to introduce new food to them, make them taste new food, if they like they will definitely ask for more, or they will take away their head, this is the sign you must know in order to feed your baby.

Moreover, in order to develop their skills properly, give strength to their bones and muscles, it is also necessary that you opt for giving them massage. This all things will help them develop rapidly, you will see your baby growing so fast. Also try introducing different puzzles game, board games, sound games which will help them develop their memory too.


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