Physical Changes and Development of 7 Months Old Baby


Physical Changes and Development of 7 Months Old Baby:

Your baby is now 7 month old, will likely to move independently now, they will start exploring different things by their own, every day in month of 7 you will see, new skills they will start developing, along with that they will also start enhancing those skills.

Moreover, along with that you will also see the first tooth which will arrive soon in your baby, however, you need to also calm them with the pain of new teeth which is arriving in their mouth, there are certain signs of new teeth arriving which you need to look for, and take corrective action so they feel relief from pain of upcoming teeth.

Physical Development of Baby:

Every child developed differently from other, but at the end of 7th Month, your baby will develop with certain skills like get up on all fours and rock back and forth, eat finger foods that are soft on his own, creep or scoot around on his belly and also constantly looking surrounding them, if you also do any noise they will see in those directions too.

Moreover, they will also start crawling, rolling or shuffling themselves. And this is the time when your baby will love to play different things, try to grab different toys, play on their own, look at your, concentrate on you, start babbling, making different noise, try to speak with you, will shout aloud in case you are not there with them, in order to attract your attention.

During 7 month onwards, your baby is extremely curious and active, they will try to do various things by their own, they will enjoy the surroundings, play by themselves, try to grab certain things. Hence, it is necessary to enhance their skills by helping them out with different types of activities like motor, sensory, communication and feeding development.

List of Activities which you can Introduce at this Age is as Follow:

Motor Games and Activities:

  • Encourage their movement, by placing there favourite toys at certain level, so that they will try to grab the same.
  • Try to have empty box with you, inside that place some books or toys, then open that box and tell them what is inside
  • When baby’s are on their tummy, try to provide them push ups exercise, with help of which they will hold their head and also be on their tummy for longer time, help in digestion too.
  • It is also right time, to swing your baby, slowly over the swings in the park and enjoy the nature as well as the swing too.
  • In case your baby is already occupied with two toys in hand, try to give third toy and watch your baby how they are grabbing that third toy too.
  • Try to make their bath as a fun, by keeping them in tub, with soft toys and bubbles
  • Try to make different noises through different toys, and try to attract attention of your baby.

Sensory Games and Activities:

  • Try to touch their feet gently, tummy, hand, leg etc. so that your baby will feel the touch
  • Use hand to make different shadows and show to your baby.
  • Try to use different type of animal sounds, board games, which will help them to understand sound and will see those direction.
  • Go in the park area, walk with them in carrier and show them various trees, plants, flowers and people who are enjoying in the garden
  • Give your baby with space to explore themselves and also supervise themselves
  • Provide plenty of skin to skin contact with a parents in order to enhance there touch feeling
  • Encourage them to play on floor with soft toys of various colour, sizes and shapes

Communication Games and Activities:

  • Draw picture of baby’s face and show them different part of body.
  • Read short stories
  • Play with toy phone and talk with them
  • You do all your daily routine in front of them and try to communicate with them
  • Play soft music throughout the day

Feeding Games and Activities:

  • Try to introduce small amount of food
  • Make them sit together with your family to take food
  • Do not force them to take more food too
  • Let them hold, smell and taste the same

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