Physical Changes during First Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during First Month of Pregnancy:

First Month of Pregnancy: It is always a great feeling when you prepared for a baby and trying to conceive. But at the same time it is there in your mind what will going to happen to you in coming days. It is exciting period when you miss your monthly period and waiting for the confirmed news that you are pregnant. 

You are excited and worried about your coming baby that mixed feeling will make you feel proud one day when you get baby in your hands. Same time there are many care should be taken when you start conceiving. Stop alcohol, cigarette and any drugs. It is the time to ask your physician for any medication which need to change for you or not. Start preparing good diet plan which you will follow in coming days.


First Month of Pregnancy: This week egg cell is fertilized by sperm cell in fallopian tube and then travel to uterus from tube. Most the women will feel small bleeding this time; it is normal and known as implantation bleeding. If you get more bleeding and severe pain visit your doctor without fail.


First Month of Pregnancy: You have actually missed your period and you will check the result for confirmed news that you are pregnant. Before starting of any changes you will feel your bra is becoming more fit. It is because of tendering of breast and it will start become heavy and sore. If you don’t feel like that then does not worry you will feel change in coming days.


First Month of Pregnancy: Starting from this week actual changes in your body will take place. You will feel joyful and feel lonely next minute this is because of mood swings which take place during this time, your sense of smelling foods will become stronger and you will crave for some food and have feeling of refusal of some foods.

Mood of yours will be change in some time you may feel angrier, happy, sad, lonely or some time depressed. Try to involve yourself in some activity so you can control your mood swings.


First Month of Pregnancy: This week is the time when most of the worst symptoms of pregnancy start. You will feel morning sickness which can strike at any time in a day, your mood will swing like never before, breast will get larger and heavier. You will not like some smell of food. You will even not like the smell of cooking.

Nausea and vomiting will start and you cannot do anything. Most of the women complain about constipation during these days. All these changes will make you sick and you may get feeling of tired and uneasy. Try to see brighter side of the pregnancy and think your body is going through very complex stage. You can only help your body to keep going.

You will get urge of urinate very high. As your expanding uterus will press bladder so increase in urinate than usual. Try to intake more fluids which will help you to get energy. Make a good diet plan with help of some dietician and follow it strictly. Increase vitamins and fibres in your daily diet.


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