Physical Changes during the Eighth Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Eighth Month of Pregnancy:

Do you know, what the physical changes during the eighth month of Pregnancy? Congratulation to mother to be, in one month you will be having a beautiful tiny baby in your hand, from the day you got pregnant, you may have gone through various adventures of life, the body which you love so much, the figure for which you constantly do something to maintain the same, must have affected so much.

Every month of pregnancy, must have come with new surprises, some of your enemy for the pregnancy will always be with you up to the end. In last month, you always feel that when you will have labor pain and when you will get the baby delivery, Fatigue, tiredness, heartburn are common during the third trimester.

However, your baby is growing every day inside your womb, with the help of food intake, regular exercise which you are doing on daily basis, it always help your baby to grow and develop until your delivery date.

You may bother about your weight which you are putting on, but do not bother about the same, as it is normal to gain body every week. Try to keep your food intake healthy which is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals, this will ensure that you are not adding more pounds to your body and it helps in developing your baby.

Your Body Changes during 32 Weeks Pregnancy:

Your body will grow beyond your expectation, as this is the week when your baby is also growing day by day, so you will see various changes in different part of your body like:

  • Skin near your abdominal part will get dry and you may feel itchy on those part, but do not touch those part, as it may result into infection due to such itching. Your abdominal part will also get increase in size, you will feel so uncomfortable, may need to have loose clothes to wear, feel so tired, due to such heavy weight abdomen. Using lotion or any other moisture cream could help you out in getting some relief from such itching.
  • This is the month, when your anxiety level will also get increase, each and every minutes, you will only think about your baby birth, like in which hospital, what all things need to be taken care, what needs to plan ahead like baby’s room, baby’s clothes and other equipment necessary for baby’s.
  • Moreover, during this time, you may also, feel some swelling in different parts of body like hands, face, legs, ankles, or feet where extra fluids gather, due to which you will feel more swelling in different parts of your body. But try to take more rest, so it will help you out to reduce the swelling in various part of your body.
  • Swelling could be normal, but you should give information to your doctor, as this should be properly watch, as if more swelling is coming then you should take extra care about your body.
  • You breast will also get more enlarged with darker nipples and sometime feel like leaky white milk out of the same.

Moreover, along with above changes, in this week your body muscles will also get flexible in order to prepare for the delivery day and bumping day which is arriving shortly. In case you feel more hardening then this could be due to much contraction, which increase during this time. You may also feel like you have labor many times but they are just the rehearsals for the pre-labor before pregnancy part.

You will feel like a tightening of sensation that begins at the top of your uterus and then spreads downwards, lasting for 15 to 30 seconds. However, you should know what the real labor is, if you feel that you are having pain in uterus, will last for longer then what it was coming before as well as progressively it will get stronger and more regular.

Hence, 32 week of pregnancy is full of joy and painful too. You may be more excited of having your baby in hand, to see him or her eyes, mouth, hands and legs. You must be prepared, for the birth of your baby and get ready for him or her new beginning. Along with that you will be also suffering from pain, gas, constipation, cramping in various part of body.


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