Physical Changes during the Fifth Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Fifth Month of Pregnancy:

Congratulations for completing your fourth month of pregnancy and jump into 5th month of pregnancy. Thank god all discomfort are gone during 4th month, which were coming from 1st to 3rd month. Certain problem like Nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, do not like certain foods, constipation etc., will get settled down during this month.

However, each and every month of pregnancy comes with surprise and new experience. During 5th month of pregnancy, your baby and you both are rapidly growing.

Below Mentioned Physical Changes may occur during 5th Month of Pregnancy:

  • Your abdomen, belly button hips and other part of baby will suddenly popped out, you will gain more weight during this month. Due to which clothes which were fitted during first 4 month will not get fit in this month, so opt to buy some maternity clothes for you. Moreover, in order to comfort you with growing abdomen, it is necessary that you keep soft pillow near to your abdomen part. 
  • In certain part of body, you will feel so much itchiness and discomfort like belly button, please wear loose clothes, and not tight clothes which will help you out from such itchiness.
  • Your uterus is also growing this days, due to which utmost pressure will be near to your belly button. It wills tart hurting you slightly when you walk or sit. Your naval will popped out and come outside due to which you will feel discomfort. 
  • Your breast will also get enlarged during this month, along with that your nipples will also get much more sensitive so utmost care is to be taken for your breast, as they may not result into any infection in that area.

Physical (Upper Body) Changes:

Hence, various part of your body will grow, along with your pregnancy moving forward. It is this month when you gain extra pound, your baby will grow double than that. Your breast will get enlarged and get ready for the breast feeding, you must think from now only, the answer is yes, before your little one arrives, your breast will developed properly, in order to provide breast milk to your baby which is necessary for your baby growth and development after they born.

Your nipples will get darker, as the milk will get gather in those are. You may also feel some discharge during pregnancy.

Physical (Lower Body) Changes:

Along with that belly button will get larger, as the tube will be connected with your belly button and your baby’s belly button, help to get food and fresh air.

Along with belly button, abdomen also get larger due to weight of the baby. Moreover, you may also feel that your feet is also getting bigger in size during this stage as the fluid will gather in the ankle area, making your feet to grow along with the abdomen. You vision will also slightly change during this month of pregnancy, Due to increase in fluid across your body, it may also affect your eye ball, due to which you may feel like you are not able to see the far or near object.

Physical (Inner Body) Changes:

Moreover, due to increase in blood circulation across your body, your heart bit rate will also increase, you may experience some time high or low blood pressure in your body. Hence, during 5th month various part of your body is getting changed, abdomen to accommodate your baby, belly button for the food to your baby hips due to baby, your feet is growing due to fluid which collected in the ankle, as well as eye vision get change due to liquid getting collected in your eye.

Moreover, most importantly your uterus part will start to grow in order to accommodate your baby. However, utmost care is to be taken during this stage, as due to growing body, it may also result in to obesity after pregnancy, so regular exercise should be done, in order to sync up with your growing weight, fruits and vegetable rich in protein, fibre, etc.

Due to increase in blood circulation and fluid in the body, you may feel irritation in the skin, and changes in the same. Moreover, there will also be many emotional changes too, which occur during this month, where you may feel to be lonely or get frustrated by any loud noise.


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