Physical Changes during the Ninth Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Ninth Month of Pregnancy:

So you countdown begins now, congratulation you are on the 9th month of pregnancy and there will lots going on in your body, many more physical changes as well as your under your womb, you baby will also developed by leap and bound.

Below you will find the 9 Pregnancy Symptoms, which will Feel you like what Exactly Pregnancy is:

Pregnancy, is not a game, it is that part of your life where you will see many more ups and down, related to your emotions, body, like and dislikes. You will feel utmost changes which has occur during pregnant. Moreover, each and every stage of your pregnancy will come with new surprises for you.

Some time you will really get bored of all those stuff, but after your excitement will be increasing when you reach around 9 month of your pregnancy, your excitement of holding your baby for first in your hand, near to your heart and in your arms.

1) Morning Sickness:

Vomiting in morning, the most weird thing, which we do in morning, but it is the sign of your pregnancy, it usually start after 6 week of pregnancy, but it depends on women to women, some of them may feel this morning sickness at early stages too. The reason behind morning sickness is, rapidly changing hormonal levels, particularly hormone HCG level which is increasing rapidly during pregnancy.

Due to which you feel morning sickness, which is the first sign of any pregnancy. You must have seen in many Bollywood movies, where heroine will not come to know that they are pregnant, unless they do vomiting in morning isn’t it funny J.

2) Fatigue:

Fatigue is second most symptoms during pregnancy, during early stages, women will not look like they are pregnant, but they will look like, they are feeling so down, not able to work, so tired, it is something like feeling good for 1 minute and the next minute you will feel like you haven’t sleep from a week.

The reason behind the fatigue is because, your body is carrying a baby and your body is putting extra work load on your baby to accommodate and provide proper nutrition to your fetus inside your womb.

3) Breast are getting Enlarged which is Another Symptoms of Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, your breast will enlarged and your nipple will get more darker than before, you will also feel pain sometime in your breast at this stage. This is because your body is preparing your breast for upcoming baby.

4) Weight Gain:

Weight gain, the most dangerous symptoms for any women who likes there figure is the weight gain, during early stage you will not feel much weight gain, but gradually as day will move on, you will feel that you are gaining much weight, this is because your baby is growing by leap and bound inside. Your abdominal part, your bumps and uterus part will feel like coming out and enlarging because of the development of your baby inside your body.

5) Baby Movement/Kicking:

Baby kicking, the most extravagant feeling during the pregnancy for any pregnant women, your baby will start kicking, when you talk with your baby, your baby may get excited by your touch or by listening some people voice and will kick at that point. Some time it also happen that the, baby are not able to accommodate properly in the mother’s womb, so start stretching themselves by kicking in the womb.

6) Muscles Contraction and Strain:

Pain in various part of the body is the main symptoms during this stage of pregnancy, due to increase in your weight, baby development, you may also feel certain part of your body is paining so much which you can bear and you have to take rest for the same.

7) Shortness of Breath, Itching and Pressure in Pelvic Area:

During last month of pregnancy, you will feel shortness of breath, itching near the abdominal part and pressure in lower part of your body near to pelvic area, as your baby is about to come out, so this are some of the sign of soon you may get delivered.

8) Hear Burn and Constipation:

Indigestion is the biggest enemy during pregnancy, due to which you will feel acidity and heart burn every time.

9) Swing of Mood:

Your mood which was good a moment before will turn to something else in a minute.


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