Physical Changes during the Second Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Second Month of Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is an all about changes in your body, you grow fat, look tired, have morning sickness, but the feeling of now you will have a baby is altogether different.  The second month of pregnancy has the same symptoms as that of the first. The second month of pregnancy starts at five weeks of pregnancy. It is the time when you need nutrients which will help your fetus to grow and develop well.  

Internal Changes in Body:

During the second month of pregnancy, you may suffer from morning sickness. This will turn your love to food in off mode. But it is recommended to eat food even when you don’t feel so, because, during the second month of pregnancy, your child needs nutrients to be healthy and normal and grow and develop. During the second month, the neural tube starts to form.

This neural tube then later develops into the baby’s brain, spinal cord and nerves.  Additionally, during the second month of pregnancy, the heart and circulatory system of the baby begins to develop.  The umbilical cord starts forming inside you.  

The placenta provides warm and safe environment to the tiny one inside you.  You may have sore breast or tingling of breast. Your nipple darkens.  The urge to pee will increase and you will pee more often. Your breast increases in size and small nodules may appear on the areola.  You may experience slight vaginal discharge.


The features of your body also changes not only internally but also externally during the second month of pregnancy.  It is possible that you may put on a little weight especially around the hips. The waist line may also increase due to a tiny bump formation around the stomach.

No noticeable weight gain will be observed.  You may feel tiered and down during the second month of pregnancy. Intestine may not work properly and you may feel bloated and may have constipation problem.

Skin and Hair:

 Skin and hair texture changes during this period. Hair may become thick and look shiny or they may break and become thin and fine.  You may develop acne on your skin or it may also be possible that your skin starts to look glowing and blemish free. The skin becomes flawless and you look more beautiful with healthy skin.

Mood Swings:

During the second month of pregnancy, the levels of hormones especially of progesterone and estrogen hormones increase. They increase up to four times than the normal levels in the body.  These hormones are responsible for mood swings.

Food Cravings:

The increased levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones are also responsible for food cravings. The food cravings can be for healthy or unhealthy foods. This is due to the hormonal effects, which alters the taste and smell of the food and you end up demanding the food which you would not have ate in normal life.

The changes in body doesn’t really affect when you are pregnant. The feeling is full of joy and you just love it!


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