Physical Changes during the Seventh Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Seventh Month of Pregnancy:

So here you are, welcome aboard to the grand finale of your pregnancy. You may have gone through many ups and downs, there may be many changes occurred in your body, physical, mental etc. changes which may have occur during this stage of pregnancy.

Most importantly the diet changes too. However, this 7th month of pregnancy and the third trimester is filled with some great moments to cherish for you. It is the time when you will be given extra care, love, you will feel like you are on the top of the world like a princess or queen. There will be certain things which will make you feel discomfort, but your joy of seeing your baby in your hand, will be more than that.

From last 6 month, you have seen various changes in your body, as a figure lover, you may hate the pregnancy part, but for the sake of your baby, for the dream of having a baby you have taken that also and moving forward.

Body Changes during Seventh Month of Pregnancy:

There will be plenty of Changes this Month, which you will going through, you will Feel what is Happening Within Outside of You:

  • You will feel more swollen and puffy than before, due to excess amount of blood which is circulated through your body. Especially your hand and feet will look bigger than before
  • You will feel like you are burning from inside
  • Your breast size will also increase and enlarged, it will be heavier than before, as well as denser too. The veins of your breast will be seen more clearly and your nipples will be darken in colour too.
  • Abdominal and belly button part will be enlarged, due to which you will not able to bent yourself.
  • Your baby inside your womb will be also shifting down, due to which you will feel more urination then before.
  • During pregnancy period, you will feel tired and fatigue, but in seventh month you will feel more tiredness and fatigue then before.
  • Your tummy will enlarge, due to which it is impossible to move faster
  • There will sharp increase of your weight, you will gain more this time due to rapid development of baby.
  • You will also feel shorten breathe during last week of month
  • Sometime your breast may also leak the colostrums, clear yellowish early milk which is very important for your baby.
  • During 7th month of pregnancy, the haemoglobin will decline, due to which it is necessary to take more intake of iron this month which helps in gaining the pregnancy again.
  • This is the time, when you connect more with your baby then before, you will enjoy playing with your baby, this is most important months of your life.
  • There will be unmanageable mood swing during this month but do not blame yourself, this is because your body is gearing up child birth that has hormones involved working overtimes.
  • During this month, there will be many more questions and queries in your mind, much more anxiety pangs which is common during this stage.

Tips during Seventh Month of Pregnancy:

Below are some Valuable Tips which you should keep in Mind in order to Avoid the Complications in Future:

  • Utmost mood swing, feeling scared, fear are the part of this month of pregnancy. But take this as a natural mood swing in natural way and enjoy the bump day.
  • It would be also good to talk with your partners for the same, this will ease your level of anxiety.
  • Try to rest as much as possible, you will feel sleeplessness night but rest your body so you will not feel much tried.
  • Do not do hard work, when you feel fatigue and tired, take rest.
  • You can also opt for taking weekend getaway in nearby resort, which is surrounded by garden, fresh air near to nature, this will help you out in calm yourself, feel relaxed and relief to your body and enjoy the nature. It will be also good for your baby too.

The last trimester is full of joy, enjoyment, excitement, worries and hope. But try to be more calm, which will help you out much.


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