Physical Changes during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

Congratulations and Celebrations, you have completed 5 month of pregnancy, wow isn’t it like an adventure for you. Yes, we do understand many more physical, mental changes which have occurred during this stage, as well as many more things have been changed at your end.

Much more pain, new things which developed, you also see your baby growing along with your bump and belly button too. Now in 6th month of pregnancy, your baby will start mature and grow more in size and get viable of outside environment, You will able to see baby’s eyebrow and hairs which will grow during this stage.

Baby’s muscles will also get developed throughout the body and at the end of your sixth month they may be about 32 cm long and 2 pounds in size isn’t it cool.

Physical Changes in Baby during Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

  • Padded hands and feel become more definitive
  • Baby will also open his eyes and react to more light coming towards them
  • Baby will start opening and closing their eyes
  • Vocal cord will develop rapidly during this stage
  • Skin will developed and fat will start forming within the skin
  • The fingers and toes which begin develop during fifth month will now completely visible
  • Intestine will start developing, meconium is slowly forming in the intestines, this is why the first stool pass by baby is black in colour
  • Lungs are yet to be fully developed during this stage

Your belly will be round and growing much in size, you will start gaining more weight, more pain in back, head, foot and legs, feel fatigue, tired, this stage will need more rest. So take rest as much as possible. 

Physical Changes in Mother during the Sixth Month of Pregnancy:

  • Feel frequent itching sensation in the lower abdominal part, this is because the skin is stretching as the belly swells up
  • It is could to use moisturise creams in those are to avoid any infection due to itching
  • As baby is growing beyond any limit, so mother will experience, lot much weight put on during this stage
  • Due to increase in weight and development of baby under womb, it is necessary to take food at regular interval of time. Whenever, your tummy alarm for food, give something to tummy, rich protein, fiber, green vegetables, fruits could be best options if you want to taste delicious foods during this stage
  • This is the time when you tongue will get really good delicious taste of your food. Before pregnancy, the food which you intake is just to compete your hunger, but now you will able to differentiate between different taste of foods
  • Doctors says that six small meals are necessary for mother at sixth month of pregnancy
  • Do not take overdose of food, this will affect your digestive system and result in constipation
  • Take food at regular interval, try to walk more, do some exercise, which help in digesting those foods
  • You will also feel muscles cramp, indigestion, constipation during this stage, god saves you’re from those things
  • You will also feel stuffy in ears, this may be due to increase in weight
  • Some women also experience bleeding in gums due to high amount of blood circulation during this stage
  • You will feel much more pushing effect in your uterine wall, as baby will try to adjust in womb, due to rapid growth of the same
  • The breast will swell; turn darker, due to amount of milk gathering, making it ready for the child. The nipples will also get darken during this stage

Many changes will occur in baby as well as mother during the 6th month of pregnancy, but it is always advisable to take utmost care during this stage, as due to increase of weight you may get victim of blood pressure, body cramping, and other things which make you feel so discomfort during this stage.

Your baby is also growing at this stage, so you should be more careful, such that any stupid thing does not hinder the proper development of your baby under the womb. Do not bother about weight gain, you will able to lose it after birth of your child. Just enjoy motherhood.


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