Physical Changes during the Third Month of Pregnancy


Physical Changes during the Third Month of Pregnancy:

Hurray, the last month of first trimester of Pregnancy has arrived, you must be feeling excited. Most importantly the danger of miscarriage will get reduce at this stage. Moreover, nausea will be less, all those sleepless night, do not like to eat something will slowly come down and you will feel good.

Still you may feel faint in case you try to stand up quickly. Moreover, you may also experience increase in amount of vaginal discharge too. The blood circulation amount will increase as your baby is growing fast now. Much more hormonal changes will come which may lead to problem with gum bleeding, so you may need to avoid sugary food and go for dental check up in order to prevent oral problem in long term.

Moreover, the constipation will also increase, resulting into problem in bowel movement. Due to rapid growth of your baby, you may also experience, backache, in order to compensate your baby’s weight. Still at some point you will have sleepless night due to pain in legs and feet. Fatigue will gradually vanish as you come around week 13 and this could be the right time to surprise your family, friend and relative with your good news that you are Pregnant.

What to Expect during Third Month of Pregnancy Test?

Third month of pregnancy is full of medical test, which are to be commence in order to check and verify the baby growth and your condition along with the same. During this stage you will undergo:

  • A series of medical test which will check your weight, blood pressure, uterus growth, baby heart beats and urine test.
  • Complete scan of your body along with abdomen will be done, this is first time you will experience your baby under your womb.
  • There will many more changes which will come to your body. Moreover, you may also experience the anxieties and fear during this stage. Whatever, problem you are facing, you should tell your doctor.

Changes Occurring in your Body in Third Month of Pregnancy:

During the third month of pregnancy, the body is quickly adapting the growing baby. It is this stage when your baby will start growing rapidly, due to which key changes may occur which are as follow:

  • Morning sickness may get reduce in third month
  • Ensure that all preventive or precautionary steps should be taken from your doctor, in case you are working women, utmost care is to be taken during this stage.
  • Still your body will be week and you feel dizziness accompanied with fatigue when you sit or stand quickly.
  • Your emotions will get change because of hormonal changes, you may not feel comfortable at initial stage, but gradually it will settled down.
  • Due to increase in weight of your baby, you will experience backache, kneed and feet pain very often.
  • Abdomen in this stage will gradually expand due to baby growing inside your womb.
  • Nauseous will less at the end of third month. Moreover, you will start carving variety of foods now which are necessary for baby growth. You will feel that you are not eating food which you like, but you are eating food which your baby needs and like most.
  • You will feel active in this stage compare to tiredness which you experience during initial stages of the pregnancy.
  • There will be gradual change in colour of your nipples which will turn to darker and larger.
  • You will start developing dark lines or scars down the middle of abdomen due to hormone changes.
  • During third month of pregnancy, along with baby weight, you will also start gaining weight so make sure you take rich in nutrient intake as a food.

Changes in Baby:

  • Baby bones will start hardening which will form a concrete body structure.
  • Eyes of baby will be large and wide open accompanies with external ears which will form this time.
  • Baby will be no longer fetus now. Reproductive system still not be produce.
  • The most biggest part of baby will be the head, brain cells will be rapidly growing.

Third month is rapid growth of baby, so need to take more food, do not lift heavy objects, look for sleeping position, do not get much stressed as it affects baby. If you are change smoker stop it! Also limit your coffee intake and drugs or alcohol if you are taking the same.


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