Physical Development Second Month Baby


Physical Development Second Month Baby:

Utmost care is to be taken care for newly born baby, age from 1 to 3 months, this is an age where we need to take care much about the nutrition to be provided, as if you give more or less it will affect your child at any point. So it is important that proper nutrition should be given and in such cases breast milk or formula milk will provide all the nutrition needed by the baby.

Breast milk give them power of increasing the immunity level, save them from different types of infection which may affect them.

Proper feeding schedule should be set when you baby grow to 2 months. At this age baby could not speak, so you may not understand, but there is only one way for a baby to react when he or she is hungry that is by crying. So as a mother you should know that what you baby must be feeling and why He She is crying, based on that you should schedule your feeding.

If you are not able to set the schedule then you should take baby crying as an alarm or alert that baby is hungry and provide food in form of breast milk or formula milk.

The schedule should be as Follow, you should Well aware that in 24 Hours how much a Baby will Need to be Feed:

  • 12 to 24 ounces of breast milk or formula, this amount may vary and goes as high as 32 ounces
  • Around 16 hours of sleep including night time and little naps
  • Utmost time should be spend for playing, developing muscles, working on new skills etc. and try to interact more with them. You should also opt for taking your baby on ride on stroller as well as do some massage during the bath which help in developing, and also digesting the milk.

You should schedule the feeding in a ways that there will be around 2 – 4 hours of gap in between every feeding you do, as well as you should also give him or her time to play there own, do some muscles exercise which will help them digest, otherwise there bowel movement can increase and you may need to check with doctor.

So, carefully you should schedule everything, the moment you see any changes to bowel movement you should stop or create new schedule. Usually many babies get use to with the schedule, but there are few which may take some time. So keep patience, your baby will be on track with feeding. Hence, as a mother you should be on demand for providing feeding or make a schedule.

Some of the breast feeding babies may need more breast milk for feeding. As a newly mother, you may get panic about the same, thinking will everything fine with my babies or not. But do not get panic, there is nothing wrong, but breast milk is best ever milk which is needed for the baby for their initial growth and development.

Moreover, breast milk are usually light in digestion, so when you have feed your baby, in a moment baby again get hungry, as breast milk digest fast and there stomach get empty, due to which it is essential to provide them again and again.

Development of Skills:

Following are the Development Skills of the baby during the Second Month:

  • Motor Skills: After two months, babies will be growing control over their bodies. Which means you will lucky to see, your baby hold their head, lying on their tummy and being support upright. They will start sucking their fingers, but your baby does not have that much coordination working with toys. But they can reach out colourful objects and this is the right time where you can learn them cycling – legs movement.
  • Sleep: At least 16 hours of sleep is needed, which means night sleep and including some short sleep in between. This is necessary for them for their growth and development.
  • Growth of Senses: At two months, babies can see different objects at some distant. So whenever you baby is near to you, baby will able to see your face, see your hand movement and any facial expression and will try to stair on you.

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