Precautions to be Taken to Avoid Hair Fall during Winter


Precautions to be Taken to Avoid Hair Fall during Winter:

Do you want to Avoid Hair Fall during this Winter? As the winter has almost arrived at the door, it’s time to get worried about the dry and dullness of our skin and the unavoidable hair fall. The main reason for the hair fall in this season is the rapid change of weather.

The fall or winter is also the time we usually use our hats and caps most. The sweats in our scalp due to lack of open air can cause problems like Dandruff, rashes which can cause hair fall. The regular hair care may not be possible in the time of winter due to cold and thus in this season, the loss of your precious hair is most likely. So here are some smart precautions for winter time which can help you to lessen your hair fall:

Protect from Cold Weather:

Winter time also signifies cold wind and dry air which can damage your hair and cause the hair fall. Do cover your hair from this rough wind while going out in the cold air. Clean the scarves or the hats regularly to remove the dust or dirt to avoid hair fall.

Tie-up your Hair:

In winter, avoid styling your hair and keeping it untied. Tie it up in braids, ponytails or knots. Your hair will remain healthy and beautiful.

Avoid Daily Wash:

In our hectic schedule, it can be a bit difficult to dry the wet hair properly in the winter-time. As a result, the wet hair, especially under the protection of hats and scarves can weaken the roots which can cause hair fall. It is highly advisable to avoid washing hair in a regular basis. Daily wash Hairs to avoid hair fall. Two times in a week is enough to keep your hair clean and healthy.

Wash in Lukewarm Water:

As the winter is here, bathing in hot water is in, but the super hot water is not so good for your hair. Use Luke-warm water to wash your hair and keeping it healthy.

Use Oil:

Some people might think using of oil outdated, but regular oiling is one process that can really save you from hair fall in the winter. Usage of Oil can avoid hair fall. Massaging your scalp with oil keeps the blood circulation of the scalp normal. For the upcoming winter, hot oil treatment can be a real solution.

Just heat up your coconut oil half an hour prior to your bath-time and apply it on your scalp. Put a towel around your hair and later wash it with a mild shampoo. If not so much fan of hot oil, mix your regular coconut oil with almond oil and Castor oil and apply two hours before taking the bath.

Treat the Dandruff:

In the winter, dandruff can be a real reason for your hair fall. The cold weather often makes the scalp dry and itchy which is most likely to cause dandruff. Treat the Dandruff to avoid Hair Fall. Try hydrating the scalp to avoid dandruff problem. In your hot oil, just put a lemon and apply the solution on your hair 1-2 hour prior to the bath-time. Regular use of this treatment will lessen the dandruff problem.

Along with the necessary measures, it is highly advisable to avoid excess smoking or drinking and fancy styling of hair in wintertime to avoid hair fall.


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