PreMarital Sex and Its Societal Consequences


PreMarital Sex and Its Societal Consequences:

Are you aware of the PreMarital Sex consequences? Sexual orientation is an urge engraved into the heredity of each living creature. Attraction to the opposite sex had been the major factor behind reproduction and continuation of each group. Most of the group is born with only cyclic sexual necessities. They mate and reproduce only at restricted times a year.

Human being has energetic sexual drive throughout his/her life, straight away from the very day whenever he/she realize his/her sexual desires in pre-maturity. These urges are found to be overwhelming the ethnic growth that we have gained over the past.

Sexual urges and desires in only sexuality for all other animals but human being have compact forms of sexual desires for instance:

PreMarital Sex and Extra-Marital Sex: 

The main cause behind introducing these restrictions is that unlike all other living animals we live in an educated society with harsh standard of ethics and intellectual responsibilities. The population more or less wants a matured relationship and equal respect between each individual of the society. 

Definition of PreMarital Sex:

Although a human being acquire physical maturity of conception at the starting of adolescence, he/she is thought to be eligible for intercourse and reproduction sometime later at the age of 18 or 20 years of age. The society also emphasize that a sexual action outside a wedding is unacceptable and unlawful at times. The word is usually used to mention the intercourse before the valid age of marriage.

PreMarital Sex is Prohibited and Restricted:

In modern times, our community and culture don’t respect Pre-marital sex for certain reasons. Intercourse is no more judged as an issue of the natural sexual drives among human beings. We view it as a compulsory commitment to share the love between the married companions and also as a method to satisfy the social influence of giving birth to the next generation.

Sex is not at all a tool of enjoying passionate desires for human beings. Many a times, it has been seen in pre-marital sex that out of curiosity and immaturity human tries to investigate the ways of sexuality, and on the whole they are not aware of the outcome.

Side Effects of PreMarital Sex:

Sexual desires and urges in itself, it is not wrong at any age, but pre-marital sex may hurt the intellectual growth of adults in several forms. Pre-marital sexual practices headed towards misunderstanding that sex is to be cherishes at whatever ways possible.

Forced pre-marital intercourse will lead to mental unhappiness and difficulty. Another risk is possible interchange of diseases, as premarital companions may not be conscious of the diseases that had been spread during intercourses. Conceiving through pre-marital sex is another tragedy. Psychological disparity and guilt feeling could be the outcome of most pre-marital relationships.

Some Ways to Keep a Check on PreMarital Sex:

Pre-marital sex is not accepted by any modern societies as well. In modern standard of living, they have started immense and numerable chances for boys and girls to communicate intimately in public as well as in private.

Law can only frighten and pressurize people, can never ever stop them from doing something. The most successful way of protecting pre-marital sex is circulating consciousness of beneficial and healthy sexuality among children. Teach them to mix with opposite sex in a matured way.

Motivate and encourage them with equal respect between man and woman. From the teenage, an adolescent should know to respect individual as man & women, the equal companions of life on earth, not as thing to satisfy lustful desires and aims.


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