Right Diet during the 4th Month of Pregnancy


Right Diet during the 4th Month of Pregnancy:

Are you in 4th Month of Pregnancy? So finally your first trimester is over, now you will able to take relief from various problem which you face during your 1st trimester like nausea, vomiting, headache, sleepiness, bloating and peeing i.e. frequent urination.

In Medical Science of Pregnancy, this period is called as honeymoon period, during which you will feel more energetic, active and healthy, the possibilities of the miscarriage will be less now, so you will feel relaxed. Keeping in the mind that now you will eat for two not one.

So this is the period, where you will take more food intake for proper growth of your baby. However, certain food supplement may not proper for you, hence utmost care should be taken while you are taking food.

Following is the Right Diet (What to Eat and What Not to Eat) during 4th Month of Pregnancy:

Food which you can Eat during 4th Month of your Pregnancy:

  • Food rich in high Fiber: During pregnancy, constipation is the major problem, which every women has to suffer, the reason behind this is, your digestive system get affected much during this time. Hence, in order to avoid such constipation, it is necessary that you eat food rich in fiber, the same you can get from whole grains, oats and green vegetables as well as iron fortified whole wheat bread.
  • Increase food from dairy product during this month: Calcium is needed in ample quantity during this stage, this will help you to sustain the problems arising after pregnancy, as well as it is necessary for your baby too, which help them to develop stronger bones. So try to take dairy product like milk, paneer etc. which is rich in calcium.
  • In order to minimize the risk of premature labor, it is important that you take proper intake of fatty acid, ensure that you take sufficient amount of Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids which can be obtain from water fish, tuna, nuts and olive oil. As fatty acid also help in avoiding the low birth weight and mental or any cognitive retardation in the baby.
  • Intake of fresh fruits, throughout your pregnancy will give more vitamins and minerals to your body. Moreover, they will also help as water supplements or fiber. During fourth month of pregnancy, you may feel heart burn and acidity, so in order to minimize these effects, you can take fruits.
  • The foetus will need more iron during 4 month of pregnancy, in order to hold your baby. Moreover, your body will also need more amount of blood, which can be obtained from iron rich food like dhaal, eggs, dried fruits and whole wheat products.

Food which you Should Avoid during 4th Month of Pregnancy:

  • Meat: Meat could be good and at the same time could be bad, as if meat is not cooked properly and it has remain under cooked, then harmful bacteria and virus could go into your stomach and can adversely affect your stomach or digestive system and baby too.
  • Street Food: During this stage, you will carve for food, because you have to take food for two, and you will start missing taste of different food. But please be aware of street food, as they may contain some virus or may cause food poisoning in you which leads to vomiting and other harmful effect.
  • Soft Cheese: which are made from unpasteurized milk, may harm your body, as they may carry harmful bacteria and virus
  • Maida: Maida should be also avoided because it is hard to digest and during pregnancy your digestive system is already low and could result in constipation, pain in stomach, gas or acidity at the same time.

Moreover, during this month you will also feel the first movement of your baby under your womb, which is the best experience of the life, as well as at the end of 4th month your baby organs will be fully developed, so it is essential that you take proper food intake, do not get careless and avoid food as this may affect your baby growth.

So try to take food which are not much harmful and avoid those which may cause any adverse effect to you and your baby under your womb. If possible, then do take suggestion from your doctor and make a diet plan which can help you out for taking proper food.  


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