Right Diet during the Ninth Month of Pregnancy


Right Diet during the 9th Month of Pregnancy:

In last month of pregnancy, you should feel relaxed and enjoy last month of your pregnancy rather than getting more anxious about the birth of your child and other question. Keep those worries aside and enjoy your day. Count each days, and circle out on the calendar, make big circle on your due date, enjoy each moment of your pregnancy, this is the time when you will feel like you are princess or queen and the center of attraction for all in the family.

Everyone will take utmost care of yours, there will also lot many suggestions coming in, but you should not be worry about it, apply or take those which you want. During 9th month of your pregnancy, certain things are very important to do, exercise for normal delivery and most importantly, diet rich in calcium, vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, fiber, etc.

Healthy Diet during 9th of Pregnancy Includes:

  • Fiber Rich Food: Food rich in fiber is very important during this stage because indigestion is biggest problem in this month, so in order to minimize the problem of indigestion and constipation, it is necessary that you take enough fiber in food.
  • Iron Rich Food: Lot much blood will go away during your delivery, also you may also have bleeding which is come in and going, and your baby will also require blood for their development, so it is necessary that you take iron rich food in order to create your haemoglobin.
  • Calcium Rich Food: As from last many months, you are taking your baby in womb, much of your nutrition is going to your baby for their development and also, due to all this you will feel much strain and contraction in your muscles and bone, hence, calcium rich food intake is necessary during this stage of your pregnancy in order to stronger your bone and muscles.
  • Vitamin C rich food: Vitamin C is also necessary for your baby and yourself too. Hence, it would be good if you take citrus food, oranges and fruits rich in vitamin C
  • Folic Acid rich foods: In order to avoid birth defect, it is necessary that you provide baby with rich food containing folic acid, the same you will find from green leafy vegetables, Lima beans, chick peas etc.
  • Vitamin A Rich foods are also necessary during this stage of pregnancy, spinach, carrot, sweet potato and other sources.

Foods to avoid during this stage of pregnancy:

Certain food apart from the one which is necessary must be avoided during this stage; some of them are as below:

  • Caffeine: Should be avoided, it must not more than 200 MG, if you are taking the same.
  • Alcohol: If you are taking more intake of alcohol, then you should avoid the same during this stage because it will affect the brain and other part of your baby and they may born with certain abnormalities.
  • Soft Cheeses: These types of cheese are always non-pasteurized so it should be avoided all together, as they may lead to infection due to bacteria in the same.
  • Raw Sea Food: Sea foods and fishes which contain raw should be avoided as they may be dangerous during this stage of pregnancy.
  • Tobacco: It should be avoided all together, do not take tobacco as it may leads to abnormalities in your baby’s body and hinder the baby’s growth too. Hence, it should be avoided otherwise you will give birth to baby who is abnormal.

Moreover, it is good, if you create schedule for your food intake otherwise it may lead to indigestion and constipation. Prepare schedule as below:

  • Grains and whole grain breads should be taken 6 to 11 servings per day
  • Fruits should be taken 2 to 4 serving a day
  • Vegetable should be taken more than 4 serving a day
  • Dairy Products should be taken 4 servings a day
  • Food rich in protein: 3 servings a day
  • Hydration should be minimum 2 litres of pure water every day

Hence, along with certain exercise for normal labor and normal delivery, it is also necessary that you take proper intake of food which rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, protein, iron and other nutritional elements which give you strength and healthy body.


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