Right Diet for 10 Months Old Baby


Right Food for 10 Months Old Baby:

Wow, you have completed another milestone, now your baby is ready to take solid food and not those puree food in form of the liquid, now your baby knows different types of taste, food and many of them has been their favourite food of all time. Making your baby eat has been the most tedious and boring task, many baby’s does not like some of the food and they always give their mother hard time and do not eat the same.

However, touch wood, there your baby is taking food that they like and enjoy the same. At the age of 10 month, most of your babies are proficient eaters; this is the perfect time when you can introduce the spice and herbs in their food. But still you have to bear a pain that your baby will be picky eater not full fledge eater of those which they like.

Healthy Food Conscious:

As the baby gradually increase in their age from 8 to 10 month, they continue to expand with new flavours, experiments in food are good at this time, but utmost care is to be taken in order to find that which food could be allergic for them and they do not respond well on the same.

Many times it is happening that when you give them food to eat, they may not like the same, but do not force them to eat, you should plan a schedule and then give them the food, pastas, vegetables, fruits soft cooked, and possibly mashed could be good for their health. Moreover, you can also introduce the meat and chicken at this age and egg yolk too. Furthermore, idly, soft dose, halwa, kheer can also be a good choice of taking food.

Right Food at Right Time:

For your 10 month old baby below mentioned food could be good as this is the age when they are growing by leap and bound, as well as new skills will get developed, they will start crawling, walking as well as will able to sit by their own too. Many more development you will see in this age which require for them to take proper intake of food.

In Fruit you can opt to give all fruits like bananas, pear, avocado, plum, apple, peach, papaya, melon, apricot, kiwi fruit, mango and pineapple. Under cereals and grains, you should give them wheat, rye, barley, oats, pasta, white rice, brown rice. You should also introduce the different type of veggies like sweet potatoes, white potato, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant, onions, peas etc.

Dairy Food and Solid Food: 

Along with all those food, it also necessary to introduce the dairy product like yogurt, cheese, yogurt cheese which will help them to digest the solid food they are taking. Moreover, you can also give them egg which is cooked well, as egg contain high amount of protein which is necessary for them. Salmon fish, light tuna, white fish as well as in meat chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey and other spices, herbs, garlic, mushrooms are also good for their health.

However, the meat should be cooked well and then provide to them, try to provide little amount of them not much as they are heavy in digestion, and for baby it will hard to digest, so utmost care should be taken when you introduce the meat and fish in them.

Nutritious Food for Better Health:

Hence, provide them with those foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, fat etc. as this is the month when your baby will be growing, and in order to prevent any hindrance it would be good if you can provide them with all the nutrient which are necessary for their growth, with which they will have enough food providing nutritious elements in their body, which fight against any dangerous bacteria or infection, as well as certain skills which require good healthy body, will develop faster  in them.

It will also make them more active and without any problems in them. Moreover, your 10 month old baby will have varied appetite as you will not find enough food in this world to fill their belly, they may ask for more food, if in case by luck they like the food you are providing otherwise they may not eat the same.


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