Right Diet for 5 Months Old Baby


Right Diet for 5 Months Old Baby:

Do you know, what is the right Diet for your 5 months old baby? Congratulation, you have completed one milestone, after completing first 4 month, as first 4 month are very essential months, during which utmost care is to be taken for the baby, during this time, breastfeeding, is the only food/diet which you can provide your little one, as they will get all nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc. from that milk.

Moreover, it will also help them out increasing their immunity level too. Once you baby reach to 5th month, it is right time to give them bottle feeding and introduce the solid food.

Right Food for Right Weight:

Now your baby’s weight will be double then what weight was when your baby born. So need to increase food intake, your baby will carve for food, they will keep watching you when you eat your solid food, they will also try to grab your spoon and try to eat the same. Due to their development and increase of food intake, breastfeeding or bottle feeding or formula milk may not enough for them now.

So introduce some solid food, but if you have decided to do so, then please make sure that it should be crushed enough and converted in liquid form and then provided to your baby. As solid food if given directly, then it may affect their digestive system and result into constipation and not painful bowel movement for them. So to avoid such situation, better to take precautionary steps before, try to give solid foods in form of liquid, by crushing the same, so it will be easy for your baby to digest and enjoy the food/diet.

Solid Food for Baby:

Moreover, there are also certain rules, while providing your baby with solid food, you should opt to introduce only one new food at a time and keep a gap of at least 3 – 4 days, also keep watching the reaction of your baby and its bowel movement, if you feel any fishy thing or your baby is having trouble in passing the bowel, then stop that food and do not give the same.

After some days try with other type of solid food, for instance, if you start your baby on moong dal water, as a traditional in India, then continue giving the same and only about a teaspoon full, for at least 3 – 4 days, If you see any allergies/reactions/ rashes then discontinue it.

What to Introduce to Five Months Baby in Diet:

In India, dal water, rice water, diluted rice cereals, mashed banana diluted with baby’s milk. It should be cooked well and thinly pureed and strained fruits and vegetables. Traditionally, liquid, watery food/diet pureed and strained food/diet. Moreover, in cereals, you can introduce the rice. But crushed to liquid and then provide the same.

While introducing baby to something other than breast milk or formula, go slowly, start with a teaspoon of food, gradually if it works well and baby give good response then increase the same, but do not force your baby to take more, as it will affect your baby. Along with you, there will be many other mothers whose baby must be catching fast, but to not get pressurized by the same.

Breastfeeding for Baby:

Be calm, some babies may take time for catching certain things, some baby’s can gain weight with only breast milk or bottle feed milk, so there is no need to provide the solid food until 6 month, you can get in touch with your paediatrician regarding the same.

Everything is new of your little one, so if your baby is not interested in taking the food, then first try them to smell the food/diet, then feed him or her with teaspoon, do not feed more, give only that much which your baby needs not much, if you baby ask for more than provide more, most baby also gives sign when they are done with eating, they will either take away their or do not open mouth to eat, which is sign to stop feeding them.

After solid food intake, give ample time to your baby to play around, so that it will get digest and they will have proper bowel movement. Try to give them only homemade, because they are still not much use to with outside food. So to keep those healthy give only homemade food.


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