Right Diet for 6 Months Old Baby


Right Diet for 6 Months Old Baby:

Is your baby having a right diet? Baby’s at 6 month, who are introduce with solid food, are still not vulnerable with heavy diet, as their tummy are small and they can digest it slowly, as utmost care is to be taken while providing them with the right quantity, quality and type of food.

Otherwise, they may stop trying new foods, or suffer from indigestion and constipation at various stages. Hence, we need to take care that they are provided with small amount of food but which contain high amount of nutrient, vitamins, minerals etc.

Hence, it is necessary to introduce them with super foods, but what actually super foods means, it means that the foods which are rich in nutrient, which are contain all the necessary nutritional things which are necessary for them to grow. Most importantly super foods are those which are easy to digest, full of fiber, and mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, etc.

Super Foods which you can Introduce during 6th Month:


They are full of antioxidants and flavonoids, which is beneficial for baby’s eyes, brain as well as urinary tract too. Mash them before providing to your baby’s and also try to mix with yogurt, so they will also have a little quantity of liquid with that food help in good digestion


Beans and lentils come with ample amount of protein and fiber, which is necessary for your growing baby. However, you should introduce them by making them in form of liquid which you baby can easily swallow and eat the same.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:

It is good if you introduce such green leafy vegetables, as they are rich in iron, phosphorous and many other minerals are there in such vegetable which helps your baby to grow


Broccoli is rich in fiber, folate and most importantly rich in calcium, which is necessary for your baby, in order to get strong bones.


Many mom’s also introduce this as the first food, which is in form of solid, as it contains healthy fat which help in boosting up the brain development


You can also introduce the meat at this stage, do not get shy, but utmost care should be taken, while giving them meat, it should be very well cooked and also easy to digest, try to make it in liquid form and provide them with the same.


Dried plum is full of fiber, which is necessary for your baby in order to avoid constipation, whenever you switch them from liquid food to solid, there could be situation where your baby will suffer from the constipation. Hence, it is necessary that you introduce the fiber rich food to them.


It gives ample amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are necessary for your baby, while they are growing.

Milk and Yogurt:

Whole milk, yogurt, are also good dairy products which can be introduce during this month, as this will help to maintain the liquid state, while they are switch to the solid food.

Apart from above all, it is also good to introduce potatoes, sweet potatoes which are squeezed and turn in liquid form and provided to them, as they are rich in fat, carbohydrate, which help them to grow.

Moreover, you can also introduce different types of fruit, because at this stage babies like to taste new things, so it is good if you give them new taste, the one which they will like, for that they will shout a loud in order to provide them with the same, and if they do not like then they will take away their head, close their mouth too. Eggs are also full of protein, which is necessary for growing baby, for development of blood cells in their body.

Hence, there are different super foods which you can introduce at the age of 6 month, but utmost care is to be taken, as if your child is not able to digest, then it may create problem for them during the bowel movement, which will be the biggest headache for you too. So, try foods at regular interval of time and in less quantity, as well as if needed take advice from your doctor too.


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