Right Diet for 7 Months Old Baby


Right Diet for 7 Months Old Baby:

Congratulations, your baby turn today 7th month, at 7th month, there will be many more physical changes appear in them, they will also need more food intake, so that they are developed properly, there growth is not hinder by any mean, along with breast milk or bottle milk, it is also good to give them solid food now.

But you need to much more cautious when you are providing them with solid food, as switching from liquid to solid may not be that much easy and result in constipation or hard bowel movement for your baby. Hence, please take care while introducing such solid food, sometime your baby does not like certain taste, so it is important for you to provide them with the food at regular interval of time.

Below the Food Recipes which you use for your Baby at Month 7:

At this age, baby will love to have different types of food, having good tastes, you can opt to introduce following:

Creamy Banana Porridge:

Oats could be good way to start, as they are reaching in fibre and iron. Moreover, banana also adds little sweetness in the same; also give good source of potassium. Along with that you can also opt for other fruits like apple or peach too. Only 2 tablespoon of oat are enough, moreover 150 ml of breast milk or formula milk) and banana puree which is mashed and convert to liquid as that will help your baby to digest easily.

Avocado and Yoghurt:

Avocado and yoghurt also provide them with healthy fat. All you need is to mash the same and create in form of dip, helping your baby to taste it and eat the same.

Sweet Potato and Cheese Mash:

Sweet potato are rich in calcium and vitamin C, they are also sweet in taste, but along sweet potato is not a good option for a baby, but you can opt for the mixing your sweet potato with the cheese which is mashed properly, this will give good taste, combination of cheese and sweet potato.

Cottage Cheese and Pea Mash:

Peas are a source of iron, zinc, vitamin E, fibre, folic acid and most other B Vitamins which are necessary for a child growth. You should cook the peas until it just tender and mash together with cottage cheese and serve the same either with bread or rice cakes. Your baby will enjoy the food.

Broccoli Mash and Salmon:

If you are looking for introducing fish in your baby’s diet then salmon could be best option for them. It contain ample amount of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and other nutrient which are necessary for your baby growth 

Lentil Dhal with Orange:

Baby’s like different types of colour, and if you mix lentil dhal and orange it will give colourful appearance, which is rich in iron and vitamin C

Egg Bread:

Great source of food, which is rich in iron and vitamin B. Heat the pan with oil or butter, then keep in egg in the same, after that dip the bread in that egg, and fry it until it turns brown, after that once it turns brown, then keep for some time, so it will get colder, after which you can serve to your baby.

Lamb with Apple:

This delicious combination of meat with fruit can also help the baby in various ways. It provides iron, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. However, utmost care is to be taken, while cooking lamb, as it should not remain undercooked, otherwise it may result into full of bacteria affecting your baby too. So, cook it properly and then serve the same.

Broccoli with Tomatoes and Almonds:

Broccoli is reach in vitamin E, Vitamin C and Calcium and almond is good for development of brain, which makes baby’s memory sharp.

Baby’s are always fond of variety of food, they do not like same food all the time, if you give them whole week or whole month cereals or beans they will not like the same. However, if you give them different types of food like cereals, beans, fruits, green vegetables, pastas, dairy product, then they will easily accept the same and enjoy the food.


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