Right Diet for 8 Months Old Baby


Right Diet for 8 Months Old Baby:

Wow congrats, your small baby, whom you were holding in your arms, making hard for you tough to make them sleep or to provide food. Now they are 8 month old, there development will be more and they will need more food intake at this stage. However, we should provide them with proper and hygiene food.

By now you can include little amount of spices and finger foods in your baby diet. Do not introduce more amount of spice, but introduce small amount of spice and wait for some days, if they do not show any problem with that spice then you can continue to give them the same.

This is also a time when you can teach your baby, to feed themselves, rather than feeding them every now and then, so finger food could be a good option to provide them and encourage them for self-feeding. So introduce finger foods along with their regular meals.

Good Food for Good Health:

Finger foods are of any bite size, soft, melt in mouth pieces of food which baby can pick up easily without any problem. You can give them with cooked carrots, boiled potato salad, cut apples, papayas, banana, crumbled paneer, peas, chopped boiled egg are some of the good food which you can provide.

However, along with providing the same, please ensure that solid foods does not replaces the breast milk of formula feed milk. Along with solid food, you should also introduce the breast milk or formula feed milk, as this will be a good option, to help them from preventing any indigestion or constipation.

Foods to be Introduce for your 8 Month Old Baby:

Below are some of the foods which you introduce to your 8 month of baby:

Fruit: Blueberries, cherries, dates, figs, grapes, kiwi, mangoes and apricots are good option in form of fruit, which will provide more vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements to them.

Vegetables: You can introduce white potato, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, onions, squash and other types of cereals like wheat, dalia and oats should also introduce as green veggies can provide them with more elements and minerals in them.

Along with solid food, you should also introduce, daily products like curd or yogurt, cottage cheese paneer etc. as this provide them with liquid base which is necessary for them in order to swallow the solid food and prevent any indigestion problem.

Moreover, you can also introduce the egg which are rich in protein. Spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds, pepper, caroms, mustard seeds etc.

Furthermore, below is the sample food chart or diet plan for 8 month of baby:

For 8 month of baby you can offer two meals and an optional snack containing the finger food or any light snack for a day. Rest you should also introduce the breast feeding or formula milk to them. If still they are not ready for the solid food, then you can also mash the same and provide them with the same. However, you should plan properly and schedule everything.

How much quantity per day you should introduce?

Below quantity is varies from baby’s from baby’s and most baby may need different types of food:

  • ½ cup of vegetables
  • ½ cup of fruits
  • ½ cup of cereals

Always try to introduce one food at a time and do not force them to take more food, try to find any food which is causing allergic problem, in case you find the same, then stop giving food and try other food. Hence, always implement the 3 days rule while providing them with any type of food.

Keep watch on them how they are reacting with any type of food, if they will not like then they will take away their mouth or do not eat the food. Moreover, some baby, may result into food problem or any other issues, immediately you should stop in case they are suffering from any problem and wait for some days and then provide other food to them.

Hence, there are variety of food which you can introduce in baby at month 8 when they will have their teeth, but you should also take care of hygienic and good quality of food, which properly washed and cooked.


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