Right Diet for Baby during The Second Month


Right Diet for Baby during The Second Month:

And the first with the new bundle of joy in the family is over. Baby’s diet should be nutritious. The nutrients required by the baby for the first six months are provided in sufficient quantities through the breast milk. Human milk is full of nutrients and babies can easily digest the milk from mother.

Babies are not only growing physically, but as they grow they grow emotionally and mentally as well. So, food which baby get plays a vital role in their growth and development. Breast milk is the best source of nutrients to the baby. The schedule and timing of feeding should be regulated strictly but depending upon the mood and hunger of baby.

Infant Food:

Another great option to feed the baby other than breast milk is infant diet. A throughout checks are to be done on sterilisation of bottle and nipples.  The infant food provides all the essential nutrients required by the baby for growth and development.

However, mother’s milk is the best diet for the baby. Bottle props should not be used, as they may be chocking. Size of the nipple hole should be checked, as the milk should be dripping from the bottle and not pouring out. This may lead to over feeding the 2 month old.

Feeding your 2 Months Old Baby:

  • Feeding the baby is most crucial. Don not over feed the baby; this may lead to spitting of food by baby. The baby feels discomfort when they are over fed. Do not attempt to empty the body milk bottle. If your baby is not hungry, he/she will not suck.
  • While feeding an angle of 45 degree is to be provided between the nipple and the baby’s mouth. This ensures sufficient supply of milk.
  • It is to be made sure that whenever feeding the baby with bottle, the neck of the bottle is always filled with the milk.
  • During the first three months there is a spurt increase in baby’s diet; hence baby may need multiple times.
  • During the second month the feeds should be more widely spaced. If you are breast feeding, the feeding is like supply on need basis. Whenever your child feels hungry, provide the milk, this is due to the growth spurt.
  • The bottle fed babies consume less milk when compared to breast fed child.
  • During the second month, babies may take about 4 or 5 ounces at each feeding.

Spitting and Burping:

Whenever you baby have his feed complete, allow him to have burp. For burping, hold the baby on your shoulder and tap babies back gently. This may take around half an hour but it is needed. The extra air engulfed by the baby during feeding gets removed with burp, which otherwise leads to stomach problems to the baby.

When the baby is over fed he/she spits the excess amount. This will happen less often as baby grows.

Mother’s milk is the best diet for the baby. Milk formulas are just substitutes and use them in case of emergencies.


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