Right Diet for the First Trimester


Right Diet for the First Trimester:

Are you Pregnant and do you want to know the right diet for the First Trimester? There are indeed a lot of changes that your body goes through in the period of pregnancy. So your body must have a complete provision of essential minerals, vitamins and vitamins along with the normal dietary ration of carbohydrates.

So a complete meal should be inclusive of these vital nutrients that can supplement on the extra needs of the body as well compliment in the loss of nutrients throughout your pregnancy. At least, once a day your meal should be proper and essentially covered with the foods that are rich in iron, vitamins and proteins. So include more quantities of meat and eggs in your diet along with fresh vegetables and fruits.

It is very important to eat well and maintain a very healthy diet during first trimester as well as other months in order to keep your baby sound and healthy. During pregnancy you have to eat for your baby and according to the needs of the baby.

Your body requires energy and nutrients to keep your baby healthy and give you stamina to handle pregnancy. The body requires right balance of carbohydrate, fat and protein in order to maintain the right proportion.

The first trimester should consist of the following food and nutrients:


It is very important in order to give your body the required amount of nutrition. There are many vegetables that pregnant women should focus on right from green vegetables like broccoli, spinach etc, orange coloured vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin etc, red vegetables like tomato and also other range of vegetables. The serving of vegetable should be 3 to 5 times a day.

Dairy Products:

Dairy food is very important to provide the baby with required calcium to make bones strong and healthy. Choose low calories dairy products and take almost 3 servings a day which may include milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.


It is another integral part of first trimester diet which provides the required nutrition and protein to the baby. It is recommended to include citrus fruit like orange, grapefruit etc as it is rich source of Vitamin C. Also combine with other fruits like apple, banana and dried fruits. Include 3 to 4 servings of fruits every day.


There should be protein intake in 2 to 3 serving everyday which may include food items like beans, meat, fish and eggs. The diet should also contain variety of lentils as they are also rich in proteins.


It is recommended to eat more of whole grain which may include breads, crackers, pasta, fibre etc which is very important during pregnancy. Fibre rich diet helps in proper bowel movement and help in preventing constipation. Whole grains should be served 3 times a day.

It is very important to take care of our diet during pregnancy because what we eat directly affects he baby. Only by taking care of your own dietary and food habits can one give birth to a healthy and sound baby.


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