Sexual Health


Sexual Health:

Sexual life is the most essential part of life of every organism. It is not only the means of driving pleasure, but the integrated essence of sexual intercourse is to recreate/reproduce the life. Therefore, sexual health requires a positive approach so that everyone can understand the complex elements of sexuality, which usually determine human sexual behavior.

Sexual Health

This is such kind of thing that has to be addressed adequately and on time otherwise; there is risk that it can lead some severe health (physical as well as mental) problems. Sexual behavior, if not addressed properly can put people’s health at risk. Besides, it also can cause reproductive ill-health in human being.

However, World Health Organization (WHO) defines Sexual Health as:

“Sexual health Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. For sexual health to be attained and maintained, the sexual rights of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled.”

Factors Affecting Sexual Health:

Before defining the factors affecting sexual health; pay attention to understand one point i.e. sexuality of an individual is basically determined by family, society, and of course traditional values. Some other factors those are not directly, but influence are religion, culture, and economic factors.

Sexual Health

However, once an individual is grown up, then some other factors come into picture and play major role; sometime even supersede all the factors discussed above. These are education, personal relations, and marital status. Moreover, the ability to make decisions on sexual life is normally determined all the factors mentioned above collectively.

Furthermore, the motivation and sexual desires, practice, and behavior, least recognized by oneself, but are very significant while making decision. However, all individuals do not affected by all these factors rather one or another. Right information on sex can give clarity on this; therefore, it is imperative to take right information.

Following are the factors that can affect your sexual health:

  • Fear or shame to talk about sexual problem: If you have any sort of small or big sex problem, don’t be ashamed to discuss it with your elders or/and doctors. Your silence can increase your problem and may cause irreparable damage.

Sexual Health

  • Diseases: There are some specific diseases including HIV, certain sorts of cancers, heart diseases, liver problem, kidney problem, etc, affects sexual health badly.

Sexual Health

  • Drugs & Alcohol: Excessive use of alcohol and drugs also affect sexual health badly.

Sexual Health

  • Excessive Medicine: Sometime taking medicine frequently especially the medicine that increase the desire of sex affects sexual health badly.

Sexual Health

  • Medicines prescribed by quack: Do not try any sort of medicine prescribed by the quack (the roadside, illiterate fellow who gives normally ayurvedic medicine).

Sexual Health

  • Mental Disorder: Tension, frustration, anger, etc affect badly sexual health. Avoid such kind of situation, if you are suffering from such kind of problem, get it treated as soon as possible.

Sexual Health

  • Eating disorder: If you don’t have the right habit of eating, it may also affect your sexual health.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Basic Information:

The sex desire and urge is natural. So, you don’t need to hide that rather take basic information about it from your elders, teachers, doctors, or any other person whom you believe have good knowledge and will honestly help you.

Sexual Health

If you will take healthy information about sexual health right from the beginning, then you would not take any wrong step in life as well as you will also take care of your sexual health.

Following are the basics of sexual health:

  • Do not accept any ridiculous story about sex. For example sex causes diseases, your sexual desire is un-natural and so if you talk, you will be punished.

Sexual Health

  • Sex is wrong so don’t talk about. Avoid such kind of concept.

Sexual Health


  • Don’t feel guilty after sex: If made sex, don’t be panic. If you feel, you could have some complication, then talk with your elders or someone who can guide you well. Teenagers especially don’t take advice from your friends. They are of same age and literally don’t have the right idea.

Sexual Health

  • Take right information on sex: Learn in details about the sex, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, etc. However, if you fear to talk about, then there are various websites that provide authentic information on sexual health. There are many video tutorial on sex education on YouTube and as well as short films watch it. Remember, do not take wrong information and do not see absurd video on this. Before reading/watching anything of such kind ensure, you are consulting right source.

Sexual Health

Moreover, WHO talks about the following sexual rights that everyone of you must know it:

  • The highest attainable standard of sexual health, including access to sexual and reproductive health care services;
  • Seek, receive and impart information related to sexuality;
  • Sexuality education;
  • Expect for bodily integrity;
  • Choose one’s partner;
  • Decide to be sexually active or not;

Sexual Health

  • Consensual sexual relations;
  • Consensual marriage;
  • Decide whether or not, and when, to have children; and
  • Pursue a satisfying, safe and pleasurable sexual life.

As WHO determines that sexual rights embrace human rights that are already recognized in national law, international human rights documents and other consensus statements. They recognized it as the condition free right of all persons, which is free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.

Sexual Health Problem in Men:

Sexual health problems in men are very common, but don’t get panic because most of them are easily treatable. Remember, if it is treatable, it’s not mean that you should ignore it rather you have to take pre-caution in advance so that you don’t get affected by any such kind of sex problem because it might be threaten sometime. On the other hand, if you get affected any type of sexual problem, don’t delay – get it diagnosed and treated immediately.

Sexual Health

However, having general information about the sexual health problems in men might keep you afar from sex problem. With this purpose, I am explaining some of the common sexual health problems in men.

Following are the common sexual problems that normally affect adult men:

  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Inhibited sexual desire

Let us have brief information about these disorders:

Ejaculation Disorders: It is the problem of ejaculation of sperm from the penis. This problem could be of the following types:

  • Retarded Ejaculation: Also known as “inhibited ejaculation,” it is causes slow ejaculation.
  • Premature Ejaculation: It is most common problems that many of men suffer. It ejaculates sperm before penetration or immediately after penetration. It is normally caused by nervousness, shame, lack of attraction, or any sort of past traumatic events (a psychological factor). Further, one can also suffer premature ejaculation because of medicines taken to treat the problems such as depression.
  • Retrograde Ejaculation: This is typical problem under which the ejaculation is forced back into the bladder instead of ejaculating out. This problem normally occurs because of the operations of either bladder, prostate, or some abdominal operations. In addition to this, certain medicines also cause retrograde ejaculation problem. For example, medicines given for the mood disorders are one of the causes. A diabetic man can also suffer from this problem.

Erectile Dysfunction: It is an inability to have sexual intercourse because erection of penis is not suitable for the intercourse. Because of this reason, it is also known as ‘impotence’. It may cause either by psychological factors including depression, stress, or nervousness (i.e. performance anxiety). However, some other technical reasons may be atherosclerosis (i.e. narrowing of the arteries), problem in blood flow, nerve disorders, chronic illness, or penis injury.

Inhibited Sexual Desire: It simply means no sexual desire at all. It is also known as Sexual Anhedonia, Hypoactive Sexual Desire, and Sexual Apathy.

Sexual Health Problems in Women:

Normally, following are the common sexual problems in women:

Sexual Health

  • No Sexual Desire: Though this is the common problem in men as well as in women, but it is more common in women. This problem occurs because of many reasons including, psychological, family problems, lack of information about sex, physical problems, etc.
  • Inability to be aroused: Normally, it happens because of lack of desire, but it may also happen because of some physical problem or even psychological problems.
  • Pain during Intercourse: Pain during intercourse is common, but if it is excessive or unbearable, then woman loses her interest of sex.
  • Lack of orgasm, or sexual climax: It may be because of Physiological as well as Psychological problems.

Sexual Health Problems in Teenagers:

Though there is as such no classification between the sexual health problems of teen girls and a woman and a teen boy and an adult man because sexual problems are the same as discussed above respectively. However, the point that needs to be taken care is – teenagers are in development stage boys grow fast, but it is overall growth of their body.

Sexual Health

Though penis increases and also they feel some functionality because of sperm’s formation, but all these are not much surprising. May be because of the culture of society, boys get aware about it much before they feel these changes in their bodies.

On the other hand, girl children have different physical growth especially the development of breasts and other biological changes (including the beginning menstruation cycle) may affect sexual health in female teenage. So, proper sex education is imperative for them.

Health Benefits of Sex:

The paradox of sexual intercourse is – it is still considered as taboo (in many parts of the world); embarrassment, something weird not to talk about, etc. But it is surprising for you that when someone is in full mood of sex, this the best time that most of the body parts functioning their works adequately. For example, during this time, your immune system works very well that helps to maintain the body weight.

Sexual Health

Following are the significant advantages of sex:

  • It relieves stress
  • It regulates blood pressure
  • It boosts Immunity
  • It improves cardiovascular health
  • Since, it needs lots of exercise; so, during intercourse, lots of calories get burned, it is very good form of physical exercise
  • It enhances self-confidence
  • It maintains intimacy and hence healthy relationship
  • It maintains your sleeping behavior and hence you can sleep well.

Moreover, a healthy sexual life boosts a happy and healthy life and hence, it keeps us physically as well psychologically fit. 

How to overcome/avoid/prevent Sexual Problems & Sexual Diseases:

The best way to overcome or avoid sexual problems and sexual diseases is to provide proper sex education to everyone. It should be started from the high school education itself, once a teen is in position to understand the sex education. Age 14 is an ideal time to give him/her sex education in a proper way.

Sexual Health

However, following are the important points that can equally prevent sexual problems:

  • Take a proper information about sexual health
  • Use precaution before sex
  • Use contraceptive while sex (especially when you are doing with unreliable/stranger partner)
  • Avoid sex with stranger
  • If find any sex problem get diagnosed and treated immediately
  • Always consult MBBS doctor
  • Do not take mouth advice by anyone.

However, these are not the conclusive, but of course, if you take care these points with precaution, then you can enjoy healthy sexual life definitely.

How to maintain Sexual Health:

Having healthy sexual health is not enough, but you have to maintain it for your happy and healthy life. Since, as discussed above, a healthy sexual health has many benefits so, I suggest – do not ignore it rather try to follow the following points to maintain your sexual health:

Sexual Health

  • A routine life is most necessary for the overall healthy life so maintain a routine
  • Eat healthy food
  • Do not suppress your sexual desire too much, it may cause some other physical or psychological problems
  • Practice healthy sex
  • Follow a right sexual posture while having sex
  • Gather right information on sex and practice in life
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse with a stranger
  • Always use contraceptive, if you attempt to have sex with a stranger

Following these precautions will definitely keep your sexual life healthy and happy, cheers!!!


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