Smart Tips to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and Attractive


Smart Tips to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and Attractive:

Your eyes are definitely the most beautiful and most attractive part of your face. Your total look changes when your eyes look bigger and prominent. With some clever tricks and tips, you can make your eyes-look bigger, which can stop the heartbeat of the onlookers.


Normally the thick eyebrows make the eyes-look wider and brighter. No eye makeup can be completed with untrimmed eyebrows. To make your eyes-look brighter and bigger, shape the bottom portion of your eyebrows, but just pull out the extras from the upper portion and keep the total shape intact. The arch-shaped eyebrows are perfect to make your eyebrows look bigger.

Dark Circles:

Dark circles can make your eyes-look smaller. So in order to achieve flawless big-eyes, you need to get rid of these dark circles. In regular life, it is very hard to avoid stress, alcohol, nightmares which normally cause these dark circles. So, a Concealer might be a good option to deal with your dark circles. The skin around your eyes must be one tone lighter than your normal skin tone. Then only your eyes will look bigger and attractive.

Avoid Concealer and Try Highlighter:

If you don’t have to conceal the dark circles with the Concealer, skip Concealer for a highlighter. You can use the glittering Highlighter for a double effect. In the case of dark circles, you can also apply highlighter after you have put on the Concealer.

Highlight the Area Under your Brow:

To make your eyes-brighter and shinier, highlight the area under your brow. Put on some light color eye shadow for this area and, if possible, add some shimmer into it.

Long Lashes:

Your lashes are another thing that can highlight your eyes. To make your eyes-look prominent, make your lashes look longer. First, curl your lashes properly. For best results, use an eyelash curler. Later, put on some mascara on your lashes to make it prominent. You can also use artificial lashes to make your eyes-prominent.


To make your eyes-look bigger and sexier, don’t put eyeliner all over your eyes. Eyeliner all around your eyes can make your eyes-look smaller. In this case, the Smokey look is out of your choice. When you are putting the eyeliner in lower lashes, just do it below the lash line. Don’t extend the line till the inner corner of your eyes. On the other hand, extend the line from the outer corner of your eyes. Move slightly upwards the extended line and join with the eyeliner line of upper lashes. If this process looks trickier with the eye-liner, continue it with kohl.

Lastly, White for Inner Fold:

To make your eyes-bigger and prominent, try white eyeliner or kohl in the inner corner of your eyes. You can also try light color eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to open up your eyes.

Although the messy eye makeup is trendy nowadays, it might not work in case of you want bigger and Smokey eye makeup. No matter which eyeliner, eye shadow you have chosen to put on, blend it smoothly to make your eyes-prominent. 


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